Microsoft DRM to hit Nokia phones

Nokia announced today that it has formed a partnership with Microsoft to add additional copy protection safeguards to mobile entertainment content.

Gphone: Google's latest play for global domination?

Plusmo dumps mobile widget portfolio on iPhone

Mobile application specialist Plusmo announced today full support for Apple's iPhone, bringing more than 20,000 mobile widgets to the device.

Acer releases two consumer notebooks

Use the USB port to charge AA batteries

Chicago (IL) – Moixa Energy has developed rechargeable AA batteries with a twist: the batteries are recharged simply by plugging them into an USB port.      

YouTube at 80 MPH with Sprint’s mobile broadband

Opinion - Everyday, millions of people check their emails, watch YouTube videos and chat on Skype, but imagine doing that while speeding 80 miles-per-hour down the San Diego freeway.>> In Pictures: Sprint EVDO mobile broadband 

Eurocom introduces quad-core mobile workstation

Chicago (IL) – Eurocom has begun offering its heavy-weight Phantom mobile workstations with Intel’s Core 2 Quad processors.    

The very expensive iPhone, gone. Sorta.

Opinion – After 29 days, it was time to cancel the service on my iPhone – to avoid AT&T’s $175 penalty for canceling the 2-yr service contract early. I still think that the iPhone is a great mobile communication device - without doubt the most innovative built so far – but it is mainly the inadequate cellphone service that makes absolutely no sense at this time.

Sony gets FCC approval for fancy T650i cellphone

Chicago (IL) – Sony Ericsson has received the nod for its upcoming T650i phone with an integrated 3.2 megapixel camera.  

MSI announces new notebook for gamers

Toshiba SS RX1 64 GB SSD notebook delayed

Tokyo (Japan) - Japanese notebook buyers (and U.S. buyers with an eye on the Japanese market) have been waiting for Toshiba SS RX1 for some time – and it appears that the wait isn’t over yet. The ultra-thin notebook, on of the first to be available with a 64 GB solid state disk (SSD) drive was scheduled to become available today, but has not surfaced yet, according to  

UPDATE: Mobile phones don't have short-term health effects, says new report

A new report three years in the making bashes earlier claims that cell phone transmissions could cause immediate health problems.

Panasonic introduces new LUMIX digital camera with 18X zoom

Compact digital cameras usually have pathetic optical zoom, but Panasonic is changing that with its new LUMIX DMC-FZ18 with an amazing 18X optical zoom.

Sony Ericsson gets FCC approval for new FM radio phone

Alienware offers SSDs for notebooks

Alienware has begun offering flash-based mass storage devices for some of its notebooks. Customers can now purchase 32 GB solid state disk drives (SSDs) in a single or dual device configuration. Prices for SSD notebooks start at about $1500.

PC makers to push MoDT PCs in application-specific market

Nokia launches GPS service

Sprint and Clearwire partner up on WiMax

Toshiba recalls thousands of Sony-made laptop batteries

Sprint offers social mapping on mobile phones

Sprint has partnered up with Mountain View-based Loopt to offer friend tracking services on upcoming GPS-equipped phones.