Palm to launch Linux-based smartphone in October - sources

Asustek to start volume shipments of $200 PCs in September

Motorola preps fixed wireless office phone

Chicago (IL) – The FCC has approved a new office phone from Motorola that works in combination with wireless networks and does require access to a landline.    

UK firm working on wind-powered cell phone charger

UK mobile service provider Orange has announced it is working on a new cell phone charger powered entirely by wind.

Second batch of Apple iPhone arrives

iPhone keyboard lacks accuracy, study finds

A new study concludes what many iPhone users may have found out already. The iPhone's on-screen keyboard isn't really as good as it may look at first sight.

Helio pumps out thinnest phone in the U.S.

Los Angeles (CA) - Helio's latest phone, the "Fin", measures only 0.45 inches thick and still manages to pack in a three megapixel camera and 100 MB of internal memory. See images of all Helio phones and features

Notebook shipments goal may fall short of expectations amid component shortages

Firefly phone gets a digital camera

Chicago (IL) – There is no such thing as a an easy to use cellphone, we know that by now. And even the simplest cellphone on the market, the Firefly phone for kids, is now getting an upgrade with a digital camera, a music/video player and a comprehensive software suite including a calendar and a contact manager.    

Electromagnetic radiation spray’s claim blocked by British standards bureau

French cosmetics firm Clarins is in hot water after the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) criticized its ads for a mobile phone radiation blocking spray.

Nokia warns of battery problem that affects 46 million phones

The world's largest mobile phone manufacturer has issued an overheating warning about one of the batteries used in its products that could affect as many as 46 million handsets.

Tesla roadster delayed?

The Tesla roadster, a Silicon Valley darling and sports car that is fully powered by Li-ion batteries, may see a delivery delay, according to a post at Jalopnik.      

Skype coming to the iPhone, sorta

Stuttgart (Germany) – Shape Services has announced a basic feature set of Skype for Apple's iPhone. "Skype on the iPhone is a Reality" reads the headline of a press release that found its way to our Email inbox today and given the fact that this writer just canceled his provider contract with AT&T and since then has been using the iPhone as a portable Wi-Fi device and as an overpriced iPod, there was an immediate interest in testing this application.

Motorola to unleash Razr 2 this weekend

Schaumburg (IL) – Motorola will bring the second generation Razr phone to U.S, stores this weekend – and hopes that the device will bring back growth to the cellphone manufacturer.   In Pictures: Motorola Razr 2 ...  

Asustek announces U3 notebook

Honda FCX to get a $12,000 tax credit is reporting that the Honda FCX' zero-emission rating is earning (potential future) buyers a whopping tax credit. The hydrogen fuel cell car is the first vehicle first to meet government requirements outline din the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to qualify for a $12,000 tax incentive.

Nokia, Sprint to offer N800 tablet with Wimax capability

Sprint is apparently preparing Nokia's N800 compact Internet device N800 to be available with support for Wimax next year.

HP to launch new iPAQ handheld devices in Q4 - sources

Palm Foleo gets Linux platform, remote PC access capability

Palm has announced two important components for its upcoming PDA extension device "Foleo". Wind River will be the open standard Linux platform for the device and LogMeIn will provide a fee-based service for the device to access a PC over the Internet.

Lenovo to offer Suse Linux for its Thinkpad

Lenovo said that it will be offering its Thinkpad notebooks with Linux as well related support for the operating system.