Nokia begins shipments of 8 GB N95 model

Nokia today launched a new version of its N95 phone with an 8 GB hard drive, matching the internal capacity of the iPhone.

Unlocking hack appears for "blocked" iPhones

When a term like "bricked iPhones" shows up, it's fairly obvious it won't take long for hardcore hackers to find a way around the restrictions.

Motorola announces 9 new cell phones

Motorola dresses up Razr2 phone with “gold plated accents”

Schaumburg (IL) – Motorola will soon be offering a “luxury phone” – a dressed up Razr2 V8 that comes with “decadent details” and, to make sure that this possibly rather expensive phone is noticed by others, gold plated surface parts.    

Google's "Gphone" said to be mobile OS

France to be cut out of iPhone this year

Struggles with France's leading mobile service provider and even with French law may prevent the iPhone from providing customers with a "joyeaux noel".

AT&T Tilts phone lineup with Windows Mobile handset

San Antonio (TX) - AT&T today announced details about the Tilt, the first phone to include both Windows Mobile and Blackberry Connect. The official successor to AT&T's 8525 phone, the Tilt has a full feature set including built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, complete 3G capability, and a three megapixel digital camera. It also packs in a 2.8-inch screen and a slide-out Qwerty keyboard.  The screen gives the phone its namesake, as it tilts up and down to offer multiple viewing angles.

Apple reportedly considering Intel platform for iPhone

Nokia pairs with Renault for in-car GPS

Just days after announcing its acquisition of Navteq, Nokia has partnered up with Renault to bring its newly branded navigational equipment to cars.

Woman sues Apple for $1 million over iPhone price cut

A woman from Queens is filing a hefty lawsuit, claiming the price cut hurt her so much she deserves $1 million in damages.

Toshiba introduces four new HD DVD notebooks

Toshiba has begun offering six new notebooks today, four of which include HD DVD drives as standard feature. The technology is moving quickly into the mainstream with HD DVD notebooks now being offered from $1150.

WiMax handheld gaming device announced

Chicago (IL) – Posdata showcased what the company claims to be the first mobile gaming platform with WiMax capability.      

Dell unveils new flagship notebook with PhysX card

New York (NY) – Dell has introduced a new gaming notebook and claims the XPS M1730 is the first that includes Ageia's mobile PhysX card.      

Apple shoots out patch to fix 10 iPhone bugs

Apple this week released an iPhone update to fix 10 flaws, the majority of which are related to the mobile Safari Internet browser.

Disney pulls plug on mobile phone service

Disney has announced that it will stop offering specialized cell phone service by the end of the year.

Palm announces $100 consumer smartphone

New York (NY) – Smartphones aren't just for business users anymore: Palm will begin selling the entry-level "Centro" through Sprint in mid-October.      

Nokia celebrates Ferrari anniversary with $25,000 phone

Helsinki (Finland) - Nokia has begun selling a new luxury phone in partnership with Ferrari to commemorate the automobile's 60th anniversary. The Ascent Ferrari 60 phone is available now from stores around the world at a suggested retail price of 18,000 euros ($25,400).  The phone comes from Vertu, Nokia's luxury handset company.

T-Mobile debuts luxurious Sidekick

T-Mobile has added its highest-end Sidekick to the multimedia phone library, set to retail for $300.

A sticker that can lock down notebooks

East Longmeadow (MA) – Secure-It has introduced a new kit that promises to be more effective in locking down notebooks and tracking down stolen computers.    

Sony takes Vaio notebooks into the mainstream

San Diego (CA) – Sony unveiled a new entry-level Vaio notebook series that will include notebooks with a starting price of $750.