Google phone imminent?

Google-powered cell phones are poised to hit the market by the middle of next year, though what the search giant really wants is a universal mobile platform.

No cash for iPhones and no more than two per person

Apple has stipulated a couple new purchase limitations for its flagship cell phone, requiring people to use a credit card when buying one and creating a per-person unit limit of two.

T-Mobile Shadow creeps to retail this week

Bellevue (WA) - T-Mobile has announced its latest phone, the Shadow, which it says is the first in a new series of communication-centric handsets. Set to launch on Wednesday, the Shadow has an enhanced "MyFaves" tool that allows users to send any form of message - text, instant, e-mail, photo, video, or voice - with a single button press from the phone's menu.

Nokia ships over 111 million phones in Q3

El Segundo (CA) - Third quarter shipments of Nokia handsets grew by nearly 11% over the previous quarter, bumping up its cell phone market share to almost 40%. Nokia, the long-running global handset leader, once again dominated sales during the past three month period.  According to research firm iSuppli, Nokia's total shipments totaled 111.7 million units, up 10.8% over the company's previous quarter.  This Q3 growth exceeded the sum total growth of the top four major mobile-handset suppliers combined.

Sidekick LX kicks down T-Mobile's doors

New York (NY) - One of the longest-running cell phone name franchises, the Sidekick is back with its latest model as a successor to the Sidekick 3. The LX is now available in T-Mobile stores across the country, officially becoming the most feature-packed Sidekick to date. It sports a 3-inch WQVA screen with a high-def LCD display.  According to T-Mobile it is also the slimmest Sidekick yet.  It packs in the regular features of its predecessors, of course, including push e-mail, full instant messaging access, and a mobile Internet browser.

Microsoft targets Blackberry with new mobile server app

Microsoft has announced a new server application that will manage mobile phones much like corporate laptops.  CEO Steve Ballmer made the announcement during his keynote speech at the CTIA convention in San Francisco and Microsoft’s mobile strategy becomes very clear.

Sharp shows super-thin LCD screen

Sharp has developed what it claims is the world's thinnest LCD screen, measuring in at less than 0.7 millimeters thick.

Portable GPS with vibrating touchscreen announced

Korean PND (portable navigation device) GPS manufacturer CTT-Net has announced what apparently is the world’s first portable GPS system and in-car GPS that integrate Immersion’s Touchsense technology. According to the manufacturer, the CIN-700 will provide the user with “unmistakable” tactile feedback when moving a finger across buttons on the 7” screen.      

HP to offer mobile broadband notebooks from $930

'Smart' sunglasses show athletes a good time

First SD flash memory card with integrated Wi-Fi coming

Chicago (IL) – Eye-Fi has received FCC approval for its wireless SD flash memory card, which will allow users to upload images from a digital camera to a PC without a cable connection.    

GSMA, Western Union to enable money transfers via cellphone

Skype to announce a cellphone :BusinessWeek

Sprint comes out with own touch-screen phone

Sprint is jumping on the bandwagon created by the iPhone, announcing it will release a handset with touch-screen and multimedia capabilities later this year.

Nokia upgrades its Internet tablet

San Francisco (CA) – Nokia today rolled out a new Internet tablet, which has evolved into a portable entertainment platform that comes with a slide-out keyboard and a GPS receiver.        

$200 Eee PC goes on sale for $358

Samsung announces its first GPS phone

iPhone to debut on November 29 in France

California group says iPhone uses illegal toxins

An environmental activist group in Oakland has filed a complaint against Apple saying the device contains toxins prohibited by California law.

Man nearly arrested for using iPhone during flight

A man was almost arrested for trying to watch a movie on his iPhone during a trip on ATA Airlines to Hawaii.