Google rolls out mobile phone locator

Exploding cell phone may have killed South Korean man

An exploding mobile phone may have killed a South Korean man working at a quarry south of Seoul.

Dell adds a 15” XPS notebook

Round Rock (TX) – Just in time for the Christmas season, Dell is offering a its previously introduced XPS M1330 notebook in a 15” shell, closing the gap between its 13” and 17” mobile performance systems.    

AT&T Shines with LG phone

LG today launched its "Shine" cell phone, offered exclusively with service from AT&T.

Mio plans to launch 3G GPS PDA phones in 2008

T-Mobile charges $1,477 for iPhone without service contract in Germany

T-Mobile announced today that it will begin offering the iPhone without a two-year service agreement in Germany, but the price will jump by nearly $1000 for customers who choose that option.

Nokia ships N810 Internet tablet

Nokia has begun shipping its N810 Internet tablet device, which the company announced a little over a month ago. The device carries a suggested retail price of $479 and acts as a portable entertainment companion as well as a  communication device as long as there is a Wi-Fi hotspot or a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone in range. The N810 does not integrate a cellphone.      

German iPhone causes tiff between providers

AT&T announces Napster phone

AT&T will soon begin offering Samsung’s SLM phone, a new device that is sure to raise some eyebrows with Apple and iPhone buyers.

Microsoft to buy mobile music store Musiwave

Microsoft is set for its latest acquisition, a mobile music provider called Musiwave.

Battery firm: iPhone could melt your brain

Euro iPhone now a reality

Mass production of OLPC laptops kicks off

Sony Ericsson works on own music store

Even though Sony admitted failure with its Connect digital music store, the company's mobile phone division is mulling its own music platform.

Google confirms cell phone plans

Google has rolled out the red carpet and lifted up the curtain, finally making an official announcement about its plans to foray into mobile territory.

Notebook makers preparing solutions for low-price PC market

Fujitsu unveils new notebook with SlimEdge Design

Delay of iPod touch shipments may affect NAND flash price turnaround

Nokia faces resistance in mobile music, gaming

Verizon intros CDMA Blackberry Pearl