Chrysler to put WiMax into its cars

Chrysler is working on what the company calls “advanced in-vehicle wireless communications” that will be based on cellular, Wi-Fi and WiMax technologies.

Microsoft offers Apple notebook mouse

Microsoft has begun offering a “Notebook Mouse for Mac”, which the company says comes in a “sleek packaging [that] looks right at home on the Apple aisle of electronics stores.”    

CES 2008: Lenovo pushes consumer-based notebooks

OLPC developing dual-boot Windows, Linux OS for laptops

Asustek to target mainstream notebook segment in the US

Asustek showcasing new notebooks

Asustek to push WiMAX-based notebooks in 2008

AMD’s HDTV on a USB stick

Las Vegas (NV) – Ok so this isn’t anything new, but we hadn’t yet seen the ATi TV Wonder 600 in action until last night.  The small USB stick pulls over the air HDTV and regular television signals from any coaxial antenna.  So you can easy hook it up to a desktop, without having to open up the case, or you can watch high definition television on your laptop while sipping a coffee inside of Starbucks.

ASUS to add larger screens and WiMAX to 2nd gen EeePC

Las Vegas (NV) – The tiny ASUSTek EeePC has been selling like hot cakes, but company Chairman Jonney Shih isn’t resting on his laurels just yet.  At a joint Intel and ASUSTek WiMAX press conference, Shih said the next generation EeePCs will have several screen sizes along with an optional WiMAX interface. Chairman Jonney Shih talks to reporters 

CES 2008 – Redfly, a docking station for your mobile phone

Las Vegas (NV) – At first glance the Redfly device may look like a small computer, but don’t you dare call it a laptop.  While the reddish device (it’s called Redfly after all) does have a decent-sized screen and full keyboard, it’s really meant to be plugged into mobile phones running the Windows Mobile operating system.  The Redfly doesn’t actually have any memory of its own and merely copies the phone screen and operating system.

AMD donates big to OLPC

Las Vegas (NV) – The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has received a big boost from Advanced Micro Devices.  Company employees recently pooled their own money together and bought hundreds of the inexpensive XO laptops for third world countries under the OLPC’s donate one laptop, get one free.  

SanDisk’s new USB stick has automatic online backup

Las Vegas (NV) – Ok we’ve all seen USB flash sticks, but SanDisk has a new Cruzer with an online twist.  The 4 GB Cruzer Titanium Plus will have automatic online backup so any files you drag to the stick will also be copied to the Internet.  The online backup service will also save files just in case you accidentally delete them from the stick.  

New Year's Eve text messaging sees problems

Some users texting their friends to say "happy new year" did not get their message out until well into 2008, due to an overload of texting on that day.

Corsair rolls out 32 GB USB flash drives

Fremont (CA) – Remember when 1 GB USB flash drives were all the rage?  Well Corsair is laughing at those measly drives by rolling out two 32 GB drives.  The Flash Voyager and its more studier cousin, the Flash Survivor, both sport 256-bit AES encryption.  The drives are also bootable. Corsair Flash Survivor 

Report says cell phones congest traffic

People who talk on their mobile phones while driving are less likely to pass other drivers and travel more slowly on the freeway, according to a study from the University of Utah.

Microvision to demo handheld projector at CES

If you are tired of big and bulky projectors, Microvision will debut a handheld, battery-operated projector at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Apple iPhone tries to crack Asian markets

Apple is trying desperately to get into the lucrative Asian markets and is seeing mixed success.  Japan’s largest carrier - with an estimated 50 million cellular customers - NTT DoCoMo has confirmed that it is in talks with Apple to bring the iPhone to Japan’s gadget-crazed population.

iPod Touch more advanced than iPhone, sorta

Despite the fact that the iPod Touch looks just like an iPhone at first sight, iSuppli found that the PMP integrates unique components that make it a more modern device than the fancy iPhone.

Asus Eee PC – pc power in the palm of your hands

Review and video - This flash-based subnotebook is tiny and is smaller than your average mousepad and weighs less than two pounds.  It boots up and shutdowns very fast and is pre-loaded with almost all the applications I need, after if there’s something missing I can simply load it onto a SD or SDHC card and slip it into the computer.

Toshiba releases first HD DVD-RW laptop in Japan