Fujitsu beefs up convertible notebook with more power and greater security

Hack already discovered for updated iPhone, iPod

Apple updated the iPhone and iPod Touch during last week's Macworld Expo, and already both devices have been hacked to allow users to run unauthorized programs.

“Can you Geiger me now?” - Researchers convert cell phones into nuke detectors

Move over Jack Bauer, here comes something better.  Researchers at the University of Purdue have transformed the everyday cell phone into a radiation detector capable of finding “dirty” bombs and suitcase nukes.

AT&T rolls out data plans for iPhone business users

Epistar conservative about 2008 penetration rate of LED backlighting in notebook applications

Samsung and LG aim to up sales of $200 handsets in 2008

Touch panel component makers sampling for future Eee PCs

Panasonic announces alkaline batteries with a 10-year shelf life

Apple and HP each to account for over 20% of Quanta notebook sales in 2008

MacBook Air expected to push growth of LED-backlit applications

Helio rolls out GPS phone

Helio today introduced a new slider-phone called “Mysto”. It’s not an entirely new phone as it is based on the Samsung U600, which has been on the market for some time in Europe and Korea. The Mysto will sell for $150 and offer (free) GPS capability with Google Maps integration. For $3 per month, Helio offers Microsoft’s Tellme service, which enables users to search for local information via voice input.    

Small-size panel shipments to see greater affect during Q1 08 slow season

Stanford researcher envisions notebooks with 40 hours of battery life

Apple intros super-thin MacBook Air

San Francisco (CA) – The MacBook Air was, without doubt, Apple’s worst-kept secret to date. But Steve Jobs was still able to stun the assembled crowd in the Moscone Center, presenting a notebook that fits into a letter-sized envelope.   Check out the Macbook Air image gallery  

iPhone, iPod Touch get GPS-like capability

Microsoft launches red 80 GB Zune


Linux returns to Thinkpads

Lenovo kept its promise from last August and has opened the ordering process for Thinkpad notebooks that come preloaded with Suse’s Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED).

Alienware fires up new flagship notebook

Miami (FL) – If you have well more than $2500 to burn on a performance notebook, then there’s a new option at Alienware.  

Intel to launch 15 Montevina notebook CPUs in May

Notebook battery suppliers to raise prices in Q1