Apple enters top 3 of smartphone makers – but is it enough?

The iPhone has made Apple one of the world’s largest smartphone company in an instant. But while there are few companies that could pull this off, Apple appears to be missing its initial goals. turns Nokia smartphones into a Wi-Fi hotspot has released JoikuSpot, an application that enables Nokia smartphones to act as a Wireless Access Point.

Opera launches mobile browser update

Cell phone owners can now download version 9.5 of Opera Mobile, the company's latest specialized browser that includes Flash support and new website navigation tools.

iPhone up to 16 GB, iPod touch to 32 GB

Apple today announced new versions of the iPhone and the iPod touch. But while some have expected that the iPhone will get cheaper, the new version introduces an old price point. The new iPod touch is the most expensive iPod ever sold by Apple.

Pic Of The Day – Coke hat and bears hide expensive GPS unit

Victorville (CA) – We spied an innovative way to hide your expensive GPS dash units while driving on our way back from the PMA show in Vegas to Los Angeles.  GPS units can cost several hundred dollars and are quickly becoming a favorite target for car thieves, but it’s often impractical to rip them off the dash every time you shop.  The solution for one guy or gal in the Costco parking lot in Victorville was to cover the GPS unit with a red Coke cap and two Coke teddy bears.

Worldwide notebook shipments grew 33% on year in 2007, says IDC

Panasonic shows off two insanely small camcorders

Las Vegas (NV) – While the PMA show in Las Vegas is primarily meant for photographers, Panasonic and other companies have taken the opportunity to show off their upcoming camcorders.  At the pre-show DigitalFocus event, Panasonic reps lets us handle two of their smallest camcorders, the water-proof SW20 and the insanely tiny S7.

PMA 08 - Western Digital ups Passport line to 320 GB

Las Vegas (NV) – Western Digital has refreshed its popular Passport portable USB drive line with higher capacity drives.  The renamed My Passport Essential will now have 320 gigabytes of capacity and is currently available in stores for $200. Picture of the My Passport Essential drive on the right (black) and the green Passport Portable drive on the left 

Garmin announces … a cellphone?

New York (NY) – Garmin, known for its navigation devices, today announces its entry into the cellphone market. And as you might expect, the “nuvifone” is heavily focused on GPS navigation capability.      

Asustek announces Eee family product lines

Dell offers dual-8800M GTX GPUs for XPS M1730 notebook

Round Rock (TX) – If you are looking to squeeze more graphics performance out of your notebook, Dell is now offering Nvidia’s fastest notebook graphics processor in a pricey dual-GPU configuration.     

HTC share of Windows Mobile smartphone segment declining

70,000 iPhones sold in Germany

Germany may turn out to be the worst market for Apple’s iPhone so far: German website Spiegel Online reports that T-Mobile sold only 70,000 phones within 11 weeks of the phone’s launch.

Tight NAND flash and battery supply leads to 8 GB Eee PC shipment delays

Handset shipments estimated to have increased nearly 16% to 1.15 billion in 2007

Tesla Roadster to enter production on March 17

San Carlos (CA) – Tesla confirmed that it will begin production of its $100,000 electric roadster this Spring.    

Camera overload – Sony rains down seven new cameras

With the Photo Marketing Association’s (PMA) big convention next week, all the camera manufacturers are raining down their newest models.  Sony is no exception and has unveiled seven new cameras in their Cybershot line from low-end models to prosumer-level cameras with 10X optical zoom and Carl Zeiss lenses.

Hewlett-Packard announces first mobile thin client notebooks

Hewlett-Packard (HP) today announced its first thin client notebooks, a result of the firm’s acquisition of Neoware. The first product to be offered in this series will be the 6720t, which has the same form factor as HP’s other 6700-series models.      

Mobile Youtube expands

Google is expanding the mobile version of its popular video sharing site, allowing users to watch almost all of the clips available.

Disney tries mobile phone service again, in Japan