Alienware launches Penryn 2.8 GHz notebook

Turn your iPod iTouch into a 3G iPhone for free

So, your iPhone doesn’t do 3G out of the box? A few weeks ago we told you how to get 3G through JoikuSpot and we recently discovered that this feature works on an iPod Touch as well.

Mobile TV silicon at the Mobile World Congress

Nvidia talks smartphone plans: Q&A with Michael Rayfield

Google pumps out updated Android SDK

A new software development kit is available for developers to work on Google's mobile "Android" platform.

Analysts: 3G iPhone may reach users by midyear

Nokia links with Google for mobile content

BlackBerry email service goes down

Microsoft buys maker of Sidekick phone software

Microsoft has acquired Danger, a mobile software and services company best known for its work with T-Mobile's Sidekick handsets.

AOL brings open source platform to mobile phones

AOL has unveiled its own mobile software package called the AOL Open Mobile Platform, including mobile versions of its online applications.

Toshiba announces HSUPA smartphone

Barcelona (Spain) – Toshiba will begin shipping its first HSUPA phone in the second quarter of this year: The Portege G810 not only enables users to download data at up to 3.6 Mb/s, but also upload data at up to 2 Mb/s.      

Google Android mobile phone software makes trade show debut

Google's mobile operating system Android is being shown for the first time in an industry trade show in Barcelona.

Xperia X1 challenges the iPhone

Barcelona (Spain) – Apple will be facing a new iPhone challenger from the Windows camp in the second half of this year. SonyEricsson’s new Xperia X1 copies not only has a similar size as the Apple phone, but also offers solutions for some of the iPhone’s weaknesses: It comes with 3G support and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.    

Nokia tracks traffic info with gang of GPS feeds

Nokia and UC Berkeley just finished a new research project that was able to provide real-time "direct from the street" traffic information using nothing but mobile phone GPS signals.

RIM patent hints at Blackberry with "slider" design

A recently uncovered patent from Research in Motion shows that the company has worked on a "handheld mobile communication device with movable display/cover member."

Knee brace charges your cellphone

Nokia preps iPhone rival N96

A German website has caught Nokia accidentally posting the specifications of the N96 phone, which apparently will be less bulky than the current N95, but much more capable.

Google’s “Android” phone to be demoed next week

Prolonged cell phone use lowers sperm count – study

Excessive cell phone usage could lower male sperm count and quality, according to researchers at the Cleveland Clinic.  In a study published in the January 2008 issue of the Fertility and Sterility journal, researchers discovered that sperm counts were inversely proportional to cell phone usage.

AT&T announces major expansion of 3G wireless network

Telecomm giant AT&T will be greatly expanding its 3G wireless network this year.  The company plans on adding 3G capabilities to 80 additional cities which will bring the total network to 350 markets by the end of the year.  1500 additional cell sites will be added as part of the expansion.