Apple unwraps the iPhone software development kit

Independent developers are finally able to access the anticipated software developmet kit for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch platform, fully opening the device to third-party applications.

Microsoft Exchange to be built into iPhone

The next iPhone update will include support for Microsoft Exchange, allowing the mobile device to have a streamlined platform for push mail, contacts, and calendar applications.

Padded lightposts protect texting pedestrians in London

Jobs thinks iPhone is too good for Flash

Americans love their phones more than the Internet

Americans are more likely to ditch their Internet rather than their cellphones.  According to a new survey done by the Pew internet and American Life Project, 51% of the population would find it very difficult to give up their cell phones while 45% felt the same about their Internet.

Google Gears turn to mobile platform

Google's unique application that allows users to go to previously viewed websites while offline is now coming to mobile phones.

British govt loses more than a 1000 laptops, 007 sent to investigate

In a report to the House of Commons, British ministries and departments said they’ve lost more than a thousand laptops over the last decade.  200 of those were lost in the last year alone.  The biggest offender is the Ministry of Defense which lost almost 50% of the total or 503 laptops.

Yahoo spits out "bookmarking" tool for mobile Web

Yahoo has announced a new mobile feature called "OnePlace", which will allow users to take advantage of now-standard Internet services on their mobile devices.

Nokia to add Silverlight to mobile phones

Nokia announced today that it will add support for Microsoft's online video technology Silverlight to millions of handsets.

Dell tough: A $4000 notebook you can drop and pour water on

No, Dell’s idea isn’t new: There is already something like a Panasonic Toughbook, but Dell says its new Latitude XFR630 is faster and offers more service.

Asus 9" EeePC surfaces at CeBit

First shots of the 9-inch Asus Eee PC surface

RIM receives patent for hybrid portrait/landscape display device

Research in Motion (RIM) has been granted a patent which indicates that the company may be working on widescreen Blackberrys.

Apple doles out 1.1.4 iPhone update

Apple has released the latest iPhone firmware update, fixing a couple problems that existed in the previous version.

Lenovo releases super-thin Thinkpad X300

Research Triangle Park (NC) – Lenovo today officially unveiled its Macbook Air killer – not quite as extreme as the Apple notebook, but with more configuration options and, depending on your view, for less money.    

Apple notebooks get Intel’s 45 nm Penryn processor

Apple updated its Macbook and Macbook Pro models with new processors, new graphics chips, more hard disk space and the Macbook Air’s multi-touch trackpad.

Satellite phone provider Iridium at almost 250,000 users

Remember Iridium? Yes, that is (virtually) the same company that Motorola struggled to keep alive during the dotcom boom and eventually ended up in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company has been on a steady curve of recovery since then with apparently improving financials and a subscriber base that approaches 250,000 users.

Acer to push BD notebooks in Q2 08

AT&T announces all-you-can-eat wireless plan

Apple drops price of iPod Shuffle to $49, adds 2 GB model