Slap down the cash and grab a phone in Thailand

Opinion - American mobile phone buyers endure pushy sales people, multi-year contracts and high prices, but it’s a completely different story in Thailand and the rest of the civilized world.  Here cash is king and I’ve just snagged a nice Samsung E250 phone, case and SIM card for a mere $138.  But even more amazing is the time it took – or, more accurately, didn’t take.

Acer low-cost PC cheaper than second-generation Eee PC?

Dell says SSD failure rate rumors have “no basis in reality”

Dell is hitting back at reports that its solid state drive laptops are experiencing 20-30% return rates.  According to Lionel Menchaca, Dell's Chief Blogger, return rates of those laptops are much lower than those published by Avian Securities.  Menchaca adds that media reports have “no basis in reality”.

The HTC Shift + ThinkPad X300 + The MacBook Air = Perfect Notebook

As some of you know, I actually like the Macbook Air but found the Lenovo ThinkPad X300 to be a vastly more useful product in the class.   I’m one of the few folks that have been using an early version of the HTC Shift , a smaller screened ultra light tablet with a keyboard and a touch screen which is superior to both offerings in some ways and just released on for $1500 (someone screwed up, this wasn’t supposed to happen until next week).  This got me thinking: The perfect next generation ultra-sexy notebook should be a blend of all three products.

Windows Vista installed on Macbook Air, millions of OSX users cry out in pain

Asustek announces entertainment notebook

Samsung advances 16-inch Full HD notebook panel shipments to Acer

iPhone users are web crazy

Ultimate travel helper kit reviewed

Living in the fast lane these days usually means toting a laptop through TSA screening lines and into hotels.  But how do you keep those important computers clean and cool?  We review a few inexpensive products that promise to keep your laptop and your lap in top condition.

Adobe confirms Flash for iPhone

ECS unveils Diamondville-based netbook

Dell reportedly plans to resume handheld device business

Microsoft licenses Flash Lite, Reader LE

Adobe announced late Sunday that Microsoft has licensed its Flash Player runtime for the Internet Explorer Mobile browser as well as Reader LE to display PDF documents on Windows Mobile-based phones. According to the announcement, both products will be made available to OEMs who license Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software.

Asustek expects Windows XP-based Eee PCs to account for 60% of shipments in 2008

Lotus Notes coming to iPhone

Hackers already tearing into iPhone 2.0

Although the new iPhone firmware won't be released to the public until this summer, hackers have already found their way into the inner workings of the next-gen phone update and cracked the code.  Apple opened up the new iPhone software to developers last week, but they only have access to an emulator of the iPhone 2.0 firmware.  The iPhone has become a veritable hot spot for hackers to test out their code-breaking chops, so it was really only a matter of time before this happened.

Acer rolls out new 16” and 18” Blu-ray notebooks

Design, of course, is always a matter of taste but if you like to stand out and enjoy the interest and attention a MacBook Air is sure to deliver, you typically will have to shell out extra bucks for that privilege. That could change somewhat with Acer’s new Gemstone notebooks, which incorporate lots of unusual design details, but remain relatively affordable: Starting at around $900, the system scales from a basic multimedia notebook to a capable high-definition machine with a 1200p display and Blu-ray support.

iPhone SDK exceeds 100,000 downloads

Apple’s iPhone software developer kit (SDK) is off to a good start: More than 100,000 copies have been downloaded within the first four days after release, the company announced today. The free software includes the XCode IDE, instruments, an iPhone simulator, samples and compilers to create free and commercial iPhone and iPod touch applications.

New EeePC will get Intel’s Atom processor

Asus’s chief executive officer has revealed juicy details about the upcoming EeePC. Jerry Shen told Laptop Magazine that he prefers Intel’s Diamondville processor over Via’s Isaiah chip. Slowly but surely, the EeePC will get more features, including wireless broadband. And yes, the new EeePCs will be more expensive than the debut model, even if Shen believes that prices will drop quickly.

Behold the quad-core laptop… chiropractor bills be damned!

Video editors and ray-tracers will probably salivate at the quad-core laptop we saw yesterday at the HD Expo in Beverly Hills.  Made by 1 Beyond, the GoFlex317 HD uses a desktop Intel Q6600 quad-core processor to provide desktop-like performance.  But don’t you dare call this a laptop, because the 17-inch screen and 12-pound weight makes it more like a shrunken down desktop.