AT&T gets valued spectrum to increase mobile tech

Communications giant AT&T announced this week that it won key "B Block" spectrum in the government's auction for 700 MHz airwaves.  The Federal Communications Commission auction was important for AT&T, as it said that its acquisition has given it enough capacity to offer next generation mobile broadband features.

Yahoo upgrades oneSearch, refines mobile strategy

Will we ever see an iPhone killer?

Ever since Apple first showed its iPhone in January of 2007, cellphone makers appear to have accelerated their innovation efforts to create new types of phones or at least phones that offer the same appeal as the iPhone. This year’s CTIA tradeshow revealed that the iPhone will remain the benchmark of a mass market smartphone, while all other manufacturers are still catching up. But they are learning and are getting closer.

Intel unveils second-generation Intel-powered Classmate PC

Asustek reveals MID plans

VIDEO – Intel talks about CMOS-based Wi-Fi and WiMax chips

Chip-level wireless radios are an integral part of Intel’s ‘Carry Small, Live Large’ campaign, but what exactly does it take to design a digitally enhanced radio receiver, power amplifier and transmitters onto a single chip?  Intel Fellow Krishnamurthy Soumyanath, Director of the Communications Technology Lab, gave an interesting (at least to technical geeks) talk about the process at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai.  View the video for all the gory details.

Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.1 update

Microsoft has unveiled a new update to its mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.1.  The improved version of the platform designed for mobile phones and PDAs brings a handful of enhanced features, most notably a new tailored Internet browser.  A full custom version of Internet Explorer 6 is now included with the operating system, allowing better control of Web pages using mobile controls.

Acer: BD notebooks to account for 10% of shipments in 2008

Guitar Hero coming to Blackberry

Toshiba joins the ‘stunning’ notebook crowd

Ok, we got it: Stylish and especially ‘stunning’ notebooks are the trend in the notebook industry this year. Following the MacBook Air, the Lenovo Thinkpad X300 and Acer’s Gemstone notebooks, Toshiba now also has ‘stunning’ notebooks that provide a “premium blend of modern style, performance and affordability.” But then, design is really a matter of taste and we may be stretching the meaning of ‘stunning’ these days.

SanDisk expands in India to capture mobile phone and consumer electronics markets

VIA to push Isaiah CPUs in the embedded market

MSI launches 13.3-inch notebook

Blu-ray notebooks drop below $1000

The high-definition war is over and it suddenly appears that Blu-ray is becoming much more affordable, with more products supporting the technology surfacing every day: Dell is the first major notebook vendor to offer Blu-ray capability for less than $900 in one of its notebook models. But a closer look reveals that Blu-ray is still very expensive and you have to be cautious about what you are actually purchasing.

SlingPlayer Mobile coming to UIQ and Symbian

The joys of finding high-speed Internet

Opinion - Who would have thought that Ronald McDonald would have the fastest Internet in town?  As I type this blog, I’m uploading at a decent 50 kilobytes per second, popping my email, eating a Big Mac and unfortunately getting eaten alive by mosquitoes in Pattaya Thailand.  While the Internet speeds now may seem decent, the story was much different earlier in the day.

Motorola to become two different companies

Motorola announced today that it will spin off into two separate publicly traded companies - one for its mobile phone division and one for its other operations, like broadband and TV.  It did not announce what new name or names will be used when Motorola splits into two companies.  The firm currently refers to the two operations as the "Mobile Devices" unit and its "Boradband & Mobility Solutions" unit.  Most of Motorola's work outside the mobile phone sector deals with corporate and government products/services.

Asustek aims to ship seven million notebook PCs in 2008

Asustek to roll out second-generation Eee PC with touchscreen panels and possibly GPS support in May

Samsung launches touch-screen Anycall phone

The trend of touch-screen mobile phones is getting bigger everyday.  Samsung today launched its latest iPhone competitor, the Anycall Haptic handset, which combines a complete touch-screen interface with standard phone buttons.  Samsung said this device is unique in the kind of touch-sensitive technology it uses.  The phone is able to simulate various sensations of using traditional electronic controls.  For example, when moving your finger on the screen to change the volume, it will feel like you are turning an old-school volume knob, says Samsung.