Will Apple kill the 8 GB iPhone and introduce a 32 GB model?

There is lots of iPhone inventory activity in Europe. Recent and unexpected price drops for the 8 GB iPhone in Europe indicate hint that the company may actually be killing the 8 GB model in June and introduce a 32 GB iPhone, next to the much anticipated 3G iPhone.

Asustek announces second-gen Eee PC

Asustek has officially announced the specs of its next generation Eee PC 900 mini-notebook computer.  The 900 will feature a larger 8.9-inch wide screen capable of displaying 1024 by 600 pixels and dual solid-state drives capable of storing 12 GB in Windows XP and 20 GB in Linux.  Available in either Pearl White or Black, the computer will also feature a new FingerGlide touchpad that can recognize two finger gestures for zooming and scrolling (think iPhone).

Low-cost PCs blurring notebook categories

iPhone targets new geographies, gets GPS and web image save feature

Welcome to the next round of rumors and leaks about the “next” iPhone: The latest iPhone firmware hints provide some information on Apple’s iPhone global expansion plans, with Russia and Asia-Pacific being the prime targets. A MacNN reader claims to have found evidence for a GPS module in the next-generation iPhone and Gizmodo revealed a new feature to save web images in the iPhone photo library.

Cubans line up to buy their first mobile phones

Dolby Mobile could become a secret weapon for smartphones

Listening to music on the go always has to do with increasing the sound quality you can squeeze out of low bit-rate audio files. But the mobile results so far can be called just adequate at best. Run the same files through Creative's X-Fi Crystalizer for example, and what you hear on an iPod is suddenly disappointing. Many mobile audio devices also lack an equalizer, which adds up to a forgettable music experience. However, there is a new player on the market: Dolby is making its way into this segment and has compelling answers.

Mobile giants join to advance mobile tech

A number of mobile phone companies, including Nokia and Ericsson, have come together to join in a new initiative to work on a new mobile framework.  They are setting the path for a new mobile network plan called "Long Term Evolution."  The enhanced service will improve on over-the-air content like games, music, and Internet.

Protecting your camera in the world’s largest water fight Part I

Thailand’s new year festival and world’s largest water fight has started and I was told that it would be stupid, no actually insane, to carry my digital SLR and good lens through hordes of crazed kids with water guns, drunk adults with buckets of ice cold water and smiling old ladies smearing talcum powder on my face.  But don’t you dare tell any self-respecting photographer that he can’t get a shot because of a little bit of water.

Vtech brings text messaging to cordless phones

Apple working on 3D conference calls, patent filing reveals

Apple may be developing a new feature for the iPhone that would allow users to create an illusion of positional audio within conference calls. The result: Conference calls would much more sound like a real face-to-face communication in a room. Media sharing features pick up a concept originally promoted by Microsoft for its Zune player and create a path for Apple into social networking.

Gateway launches new FX enthusiast notebooks

Gateway introduced its third 17” FX notebook, bridging the gap between the $1600 entry model and the $2700 flagship laptop. The company has also a new 15” FX laptop that will be sold through Best Buy stores.

Decoding Apple’s iPhone 2.0 firmware: New features we now know about

There is an incredible amount of speculation about the new iPhone generation out there, lots of rumors and retractions from rumors. But thankfully, there are some hard facts and conclusions as well: Hackers already have analyzed substantial portions of the iPhone 2.0 software update, which not only provides further evidence that the 3G iPhone launch in fact is imminent, but reveals new features as well. 

From the PMC to the iPhone and beyond: The evolution of the MID and Linux’ big break

Analyst Opinion - Last week, I was in China and witnessed the launch of the first generation Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform products based on Intel’s new Atom processor. This got me thinking back to what we had before the MID and why some of those products were successful and others were not. Of course, now we can speculate who will be successful with the MID. 

VIA and Nvidia to team up on VN platform targeting netbook and MID-type products

Dell gears up to fight Asus’ Eee PC

Apple 's 3G iPhone to be priced from $399

We just came across a few more interesting 3G iPhone details. Industry sources told TG Daily that the device in fact will launch at WWDC 2008, in two or possible three different configurations, and prices starting at $399. There are a few other tweaks, which, however, may be less than you would expect from a next-gen iPhone.

The iPhone's next killer apps: VoIP and videoconferencing

Opinion - The upcoming iPhone 2.0 software is just around the corner and we all may be surprised how Apple’s unified communication solution could merge mobile communication with VoIP, PCs, Macs, iPhones and even Apple TVs. We took a hard, long look at the information that is available right now from reports as well as patent filings to give you an outlook what Apple might be up to, why we are quite certain that VoIP and videoconferencing will be the iPhone’s new killer applications.

Nokia's Tube target: Outsell the 2G and 3G iPhone combined

We have heard about Apple’s iPhone lately, especially about the upcoming 3G iPhone. It seems that US mainstream media just can’t get enough of Steve Jobs, but we should not forget that there are other and much more successful cellphone manufacturers out there. For example Nokia: And what will world's largest manufacturer do when a smaller company comes up with a good idea? Copy it, of course.

Apple applies for electro-magnetic connector patent

3G iPhone to debut in T-minus 60 days?

A 3G iPhone debut suddenly has become much more credible, as of two additional sources that are now participating in the general rumor mill. AT&T’s chief executive confirmed that a 3G iPhone will be available "in months" and WSJ's Walt Mossberg narrowed that expectation down to 60 days, pointing to a WWDC introduction. Are there any doubts left?