USB EVDO card hacked to fit in MacBook Air

Crazy guy gets Mac OS X to run on his OQO

Rumor – Next iPhone to have tactile feedback

The next generation iPhone could have tactile feedback, according to  Apple and Immersion, creators of haptic and force-feedback technology, have been secretly meeting and could be close to sealing a deal to include tactile response on future iPhones.

Gigabyte low-cost PC revealed

Asustek plans to make Eee an independent brand, 10" and 11" Eee PCs on the way

Mexican press attaché steals six BlackBerries from US officials, calls it an accident

Spike Lee's next big project: movie by cell phones

Renowned filmmaker Spike Lee has announced an intriguing partnership for his next project - Nokia.  Lee wants to create a full-fledged movie using scenes shot entirely with mobile phone footage.  People from across the world will be able to shoot video and submit it for inclusion in the final product.

LED backlights to take over notebook PCs

iPhone gets handwriting recognition

Apple to build a PA Semi iPhone? Not so fast.

Opinion - Apple’s confirmation that it would acquire PA Semi prompted a wave of speculation that Apple has decided to drop the idea of an Intel Atom iPhone and go instead with PA Semi. But I wonder: How can Apple consider using a processor design that uses more than 12 times the power of Atom? Why use a processor design that is not nearly small enough to fit even in MIDs? And how can Apple drop the idea of an Atom iPhone, if Atom has never been considered for the iPhone in the first place? There must be a completely different idea behind the PA Semi acquisition.

OLPC’s number 2 quits, Negroponte teases dual-boot Windows XP option

Walter Bender, the number 2 person at the One Laptop Per Child Foundation and longtime MIT colleague of founder Nicholas Negroponte has quit.  Bender worked with the organization for two years and was instrumental in developing and championing the open source desktop software used on the $188 green laptop.

Brazilian ATM thieves use Asus Eee PC

Free unlimited Sony BMG downloads hit Nokia phones

Consumers who buy a new Nokia phone will be able to download as many Sony BMG songs as they want for a year, as part of an expanding promotional program from Nokia's recently launched music service.  Nokia launched the "Comes With Music" campaign last year, allowing buyers of certain handsets to have "all you can eat" access to Universal Music tracks.  Sony BMG has now joined in as well.

Acer to launch WiMAX-enabled Montevina-based notebooks in June or July

Intel Atom-based Eee PCs in June, 10" displays later in the year

LCD panel makers gearing up for low-cost notebooks

Asus’ Windows XP EeePC surfaces at Best Buy

Best Buy expanded its EeePC portfolio with two Windows XP versions of the cheap notebook. The price remains the same: $399.99.

Lost in 3G iPhone rumors? Here is what we know.

As we are heading into another week of what we expect to bring new information and speculation about Apple’s 3G iPhone and iPhone 2.0, we felt that it was time to separate fact from fiction. There is quite a bit of reliable information that outlines the specifications and enables us to draw conclusions what the new generation iPhone will offer. We will update this article as new information becomes available. Read on to get up to date on the Apple 3G iPhone specifications as of today.

MSI announces EeePC competitor

Fring VoIP for the iPhone: Why should you care?

Fring is the first company that is offering an all-in-one solution to combine major IM and VoIP services into a single and free iPhone application. Fring as well as the expected Apple iChat VoIP/videoconferencing solution are just a taste of upcoming always-on communication solutions for the phone iPhone and other networked devices that will make more and more use of Wi-Fi and, in the not too distant future, WiMax. But we wonder: Why should we care about tools such as Fring, especially if Apple is working on its own VoIP iPhone application?