The HTC Shift + ThinkPad X300 + The MacBook Air = Perfect Notebook

As some of you know, I actually like the Macbook Air but found the Lenovo ThinkPad X300 to be a vastly more useful product in the class.   I’m one of the few folks that have been using an early version of the HTC Shift , a smaller screened ultra light tablet with a keyboard and a touch screen which is superior to both offerings in some ways and just released on for $1500 (someone screwed up, this wasn’t supposed to happen until next week).  This got me thinking: The perfect next generation ultra-sexy notebook should be a blend of all three products.

Unlocking the iPhone: What does it mean?

Analyst Opinion - Maybe not as much as you think and maybe everything. So let's have a closer look.

YouTube at 80 MPH with Sprint’s mobile broadband

Opinion - Everyday, millions of people check their emails, watch YouTube videos and chat on Skype, but imagine doing that while speeding 80 miles-per-hour down the San Diego freeway.>> In Pictures: Sprint EVDO mobile broadband 

The very expensive iPhone, gone. Sorta.

Opinion – After 29 days, it was time to cancel the service on my iPhone – to avoid AT&T’s $175 penalty for canceling the 2-yr service contract early. I still think that the iPhone is a great mobile communication device - without doubt the most innovative built so far – but it is mainly the inadequate cellphone service that makes absolutely no sense at this time.

10 things I have learned about the iPhone

Opinion – One week ago, Apple released its iPhone. In the past seven days I took the phone through the pace of the average phone user – without taking the device apart and without trying to figure out quickly I could drain the battery. The conclusion of the first week: The phone has serious flaws, but it is good enough to have changed the way I am using my cellphone and notebook.

In praise of the iPhone with some rough seas ahead

Analyst Opinion - There are very few products that can capture the interest of people like the iPhone did, one of them was the iPod. Doing this is incredibly risky, as a result, but I believe it is better to try to create amazing products and have a few problems, than it is to just tread water and avoid the issues associated with this excitement.

The Gotcha in Draft 11n Wi-Fi Certification

Learning to deal with the downsides of a $3000 iPhone

Analyst Opinion - Well, the other shoe finally dropped along with Apple’s stock price and if you want the best iPhone with the best phone service it is going to cost you. While this clearly isn’t a problem if you are a billionaire, for the rest of us signing the related contract will likely be an “Oh my God, $3000!!!” moment.

Isn't the iPhone just a phone?

Opinion - The people who have started lining up for the iPhone already now are in serious need of a reality check, says TG Daily’s Mark Raby.

Is the iPhone the Paris Hilton of phones?

Opinion - If there is one IT company that teaches us lesson after lesson how to market yourself and your products, then it has to be Apple. But it looks like marketing got ahead of reality with the iPhone: There are early signs that Apple is sailing into rocky waters and will have to pay the price, if the hyped hardware will not be able to deliver what the marketing department has promised.If there is one IT company that teaches us lesson after lesson how to market yourself and your products, then it has to be Apple.

Palm Foleo: What were they thinking?

We see a lot of new hardware and software that often leaves us scratching our head what the purpose and market opportunity of that new product could be. Palm set high expectations with a new mobile device that was announced to describe a new mobile category – and Foleo left us speechless. Palm can’t be serious about this one.  

iPhone - How expensive is too expensive?

With a newly minted FCC certification under its belt, the iPhone is beginning its path to retail, but its barrier-setting price could prevent it from meeting Apple's 1% market share goal.

The Apple iPhone: Hit or miss?

Like a lot of folks, when I first saw the iPhone, I was blown away with its potential. But my job is not to look at what everyone sees, but to see what is being missed both in terms of opportunities and threats and this thing has a great deal on both sides.

Opinion: Tinsel kills Wi-Fi. Film at 11

This release from AirMagnet gave me a chuckle this morning. Seems it's bad enough that putting up holiday decorations might get you reported to H.R. by those who don't celebrate your particular holiday.

Apple would face many challenges with iPhone - Opinion

With reports circulating that an iPhone from Apple Computer is likely to debut in the first half of 2007, the introduction of an iPhone could have an adverse impact on sales of music handsets by other vendors should Apple's first order for an iPhone total 12 million units as reported earlier.

Opinion: Et Tu, Wi-Fi Alliance?

It is no secret that the wireless LAN industry has made a huge mess so far of the opportunity that is known as 802.11n. This standard, which holds the promise of application level, i.e. real, wireless throughput of over 100 Mbps has had a rough birthing so far. It has survived a contentious IEEE proposal process, which took a detour to be "helped" by an industry consortium that managed to hammer out an uneasy peace between warring camps.