E Fun touts $130 Jelly Bean tablet

E Fun has debuted a lineup of Android tablets dubbed the Google Play series. Powered by Jelly Bean (4.1), the tablets feature full access to Google Play, 1.5GHz dual-core processors and an HD (1024 x 600) display.

Open webOS runs on Google's Nexus 7 tablet

Interest in Hewlett Packard's (Palm) Open webOS remains higher than ever, despite the fact that HP is no longer actively promoting the stalwart OS.

Linux Ubuntu is the latest smartphone OS

Canonical has introduced a smartphone-specific version of Linux Ubuntu which uses all four edges of the screen to render a more immersive UI experience.

Apple already testing next-gen iPhone with iOS 7

Apple is reportedly testing the next iteration of its wildly popular iPhone, alongside the recently coded iOS 7.

Report: Samsung is prepping a Tizen-based smartphone

Japan's NTT Docomo has teamed up with Samsung and Intel to promote the development of a new mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets.

HTC's stalwart HD2 runs Windows RT

XDA dev member Cotulla has managed to get Microsoft Windows RT up and running on HTC's stalwart HD2 smartphone.

Ramos W32 Android tablet powered by Intel's Medfield chip

Ramos is currently prepping one of the first Android tablets powered by Intel's Atom Z2640 (Medfield) processor - a 1.6 GHz x86 chip paired with PowerVR SGX540 graphics.

Motorola designs a Google "X" smartphone

Google-owned Motorola is reportedly working on a "sophisticated" handset that is slated to hit physical and virtual shelves in 2013.

Bodhi Linux runs on Google's Nexus 7 tablet

Google's Nexus 7 is quite the versatile device, as it is capable of running various flavors of Linux and Chromium, as well as its native Android operating system.

No, RIM's BlackBerry isn't dead just yet

Despite a declining market share, RIM still maintains a fairly large and loyal install base, especially in the Latin American and Asian markets - providing the industry heavyweight with a steady revenue stream.

Apple kills off portable charging project

A start-up called Edison Junior working on a portable charger has been forced to give back the money it raised via Kickstarter, because Apple's refused to license the rights to its Lightning connector.

Report: Acer prepping a $99 Android tablet

Acer is reportedly prepping a new 7-inch Android tablet that will carry an uber-low price tag of $99.

Emulate the Mac Plus on your Android tablet or smartphone

The Macintosh Plus computer - introduced on January 16, 1986 - was the third iteration of Apple's Macintosh line, ran System 7 (OS) and weighed in at a cool $2,599.

Will consoles become a niche, hobbyist market?

"Console gaming was, and always is, appointment gaming. You have to set a time to play it, because it's in one fixed location..."

Toyota introduces Qi wireless charging

Next year, Toyota plans to introduce Qi wireless charging to its new Avalon, allowing tdrivers to recharge their phones simply by tossing it onto a mat.

Potatoes help Boeing improve Wifi connectivity

Boeing has been flying 20,000 pounds of potatoes around US air space in a bid to improve in-flight Wifi.

Is Apple prepping an iPad Mini 2?

Although Apple has yet to complete its global rollout of its original iPad Mini, Cupertino is apparently prepping an iPad Mini 2.

Android phones hijacked for botnet

If you've downloaded any free Android games recently and don't have an unlimited SMS plan, you may be in for a nasty surprise when the next phone bill hits the mat.

Indoor positioning made more precise

Korean engineers say they've made a major breakthrough in high-precision indoor positioning that will make it faster and more accurate.

Samsung beats Nokia as top cellphone brand

After 14 years as the world's best-selling phone brand, Nokia has finally slipped from the top spot. Samsung's taken over, with its market share hitting 29 percent, up from 24 percent last year.