Samsung joins Nokia in mobile TV initiative

Samsung and Nokia have joined forces to work on a universal mobile TV platform that could help to bring interoperability to a medium that's currently rife with proprietary boundaries.

New USB spec could reduce charging times

The USB Implementers Forums has announced a new charging specification that increases the current available to devices.

Sharp working on new mobile phone LCD

Sharp is working on new LCD panels that could bring sharper, faster-moving images to cell phone screens.

Toshiba announces notebooks with Intel’s 802.11n wireless chipset

Toshiba today announced six new notebooks. Three notebooks include Intel’s 802.11n debut chipset “Kedron”, one offers a 17” screen for less than $1000 and if you need lots of storage space than Toshiba offers up to 280 GB on two hard drives.

200 GB for your pocket

Irvine (CA) – The next generation of portable hard drive capacity has arrived. Toshiba is first to move offer 200 GB of storage space in an external, portable 2.5” hard drive.While it will be increasingly difficult for hard drives in the 1.8” class to defend themselves against approaching flash-based solid state disks (SSDs), the 2.5” arena appears to be seeing accelerating development as well as a moiré and more competitive environment.  

T-Mobile IDs new Sidekick phone

Bellevue (WA) - T-Mobile today released details about the Sidekick ID, the latest phone in T-Mobile's swivel-screen, Qwerty keyboard arsenal. A staple of the Sidekick series, the ID has a swiveling screen that reveals a full Qwerty keyboard and one-button access to instant messaging, e-mail, and text messaging.

OQO receives FCC approval for WWAN card

Chicago (IL) – OQO is ready to jump on the wireless broadband train. The company today received approval for a WWAN card that is expected to be available as an option for the model 02 ultra mobile PC (UMPC) soon.  

Dell offers up to 500 GB storage capacity in mobile Alienware, XPS systems

Dell has begun offering 250 GB 2.5” hard drives with perpendicular magnetic recording technology in two portable computers.

Yahoo and Sandisk to challenge iPod supremacy

Yahoo and Sandisk have partnered up with a new MP3 player than wirelessly downloads songs from the Net

Nokia launches N95 GPS phone in the U.S.

Irving (TX) - In a rather unusual move, Nokia has launched a new high-end cellphone in the U.S. before its typically preceding launch in European key markets. The new N95 GPS and HSDPA capable phone is available through two Nokia stores as well as “selected” retailers for $750.

iPod shipments sail past 100 million mark

With its introduction in November 2001, Apple says the new milestone cements the iPod's position as the fastest selling music player.

Dash gives free GPS units for “road test”

Dash Navigation is giving out 2000 GPS units for a free six-month test drive.

Japan’s KDDI Corp breaks into U.S. mobile phone market

Japanese mobile phone operator KDDI Corp. will break into the United States market in the coming weeks.

Microsoft to also offer DRM-free music

Microsoft is jumping on the DRM-free music bandwagon and will be offering unprotected EMI songs in its Zune Marketplace.

Citibank launches mobile banking application

Citigroup this week launched what it is calling the first mobile banking application in the US.

iPod takes a bullet, saves soldier’s life

According to a picture posted on Flickr, one lucky U.S. Army soldier was saved by his iPod after the music player took a bullet from an AK-47.

Police catch crooks in style with new electric trike

Police departments frequently catch criminals with cars, motorcycles and yes even Segways, but some departments, like the Los Angeles Police Department, are now trying out an electric trike made by Irvine Calfornia-based T3 Motion, with spectacular results.

Full Flex International’s kit converts cars to ethanol in 20 minutes

Anaheim (CA) - Anyone with a few hundred bucks and basic mechanic skills can convert their cars into flexible fuel vehicles in about 20 minutes.  This is according to representatives of Full Flex International which sells drop-in conversion kits that let cars run on both ethanol and gasoline.  The kits piggyback on top of the fuel injector computers.

Ready, Set, Text! at the LG championships

This past Saturday, over 30 contestants warmed up their thumbs to compete in LG Mobile’s National Texting Competition – the first ever text messaging competition.

Safer streets and cleaner air with Ford’s ethanol-powered police car

Anaheim (CA) - An ethanol-powered police car could be the next one that pulls you over for speeding.  For 2008, Ford has introduced a flex-fuel Crown Victoria Police Interceptor car that takes ethanol and gasoline.  The car can use E85 which is a mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline or regular gasoline in the same tank.  Police departments can also blend the E85 and gasoline in the tank.