Nokia adds two more "multimedia computer" phones

White Plains (NY) - Nokia has launched its two latest phones, the N75 and N76, sporting many of the same features seen in its other top-selling multimedia phones. Both phones have a clamshell design, looking most like the N92 and N93 phones before it.  They have no internal storage but have microSD card slots, currently offering up to 2 GB of external space.  The two also contain Nokia's Series 60 Symbian operating system.

Apple iPhone sells for $800... on eBay

An eBay auction for a brand spanking new Apple iPhone has just ended for $800.

Targa rolls out notebook with 750 GB hard disk space

Enthusiast PC maker Targa has upgraded the option list for its Raptor-60 notebook, which can now be equipped with up to three 2.5” hard disks and a Blu-ray drive.

Toshiba preps release of Satellite HSDPA PDA phone

Chicago (IL) – The FCC has approved Toshiba’s latest PocketPC. Originally announced as the Portege G900 at the 3GSM conference earlier this year, the device apparently will be marketed under the firm’s “Satellite” brand, run Windows Mobile 6 and offer a feature set that will make most of its competitors look antiquated.

Palm announces Foleo smartphone companion

Jeff Hawkins today announced a new product which he believes completes the vision of the company he founded: A sub-notebook-sized companion device that extends smartphones with a larger keyboard and a larger screen. Extra: Image Gallery

Million Zunes? – Not Yet…

Yesterday’s media reports of a million Zune’s sold are proving to be a bit premature.

Cell phone-snatching teacher cleared of theft charge

A Purdue University instructor has been cleared of theft charges in a criminal lawsuit, but not until after the special prosecutor's phone added a bit of irony to the case.

Toshiba to use AMD processors in laptops

The fourth largest laptop maker in the world, Toshiba, will be shipping AMD-powered laptops in the summer.

Sony Ericsson preps new Walkman phone W660i

Chicago (IL) – Just in time for the release of the iPhone in June, Sony is preparing the launch of its latest 3G Walkman phone, the W660i.

Palm Pilot inventor to unveil new “mobile device”

Sunnyvale (CA) – Jeff Hawkins, who is credited with the invention of the Palm Pilot handheld computer, will be announcing a new mobile device tomorrow, Palm said today. One day before his 50th birthday, Jeff Hawkins will have another chance to introduce a new mobile product, which is promised by Palm to “describe a new category” for mobile devices. The announcement is scheduled to be made at the D: All Things Digital conference in Carlsbad, California.

Blackberry World Series CDMA/GSM phone hits store shelves

Verizon Wireless has begun offering the Blackberry 8830 World Edition Smartphone, which combines CDMA and GSM connectivity under one hood. Extra: Slideshow

Nissan says cellphones could nuke car keys

Japanese automaker Nissan is warning customers that cellphones could disable the car keys on two of its sedans.

Google brings calendar app to mobile

Google, one of the first search engines to provide a specific mobile site, has now optimized its Google Calendar application for cell phones.

Nokia phones could warn of lightning strikes

Nokia, the top-selling handset maker may be running short on ideas for new phones, as the Finnish company recently patented a technology that warns users of imminent lightning strikes.

Bank of America goes mobile

Cementing its place as the first major US bank to offer a mobile-centric platform, Bank of America has launched a new cell phone portal that lets users manage all major banking activities on the go.

Climber completes world's highest cell phone call

Rod Baber has set himself in the record books by making the world's highest cell phone call from a terrestrial location.

T-Mobile launches Windows Mobile 6 phone

New York (NY) - T-Mobile has launched its latest phone, the "Wing".  Sporting a design similar to the Sidekick, the Wing is reportedly the first smartphone in the US to use Microsoft's new mobile operating system.  

FCC approves Apple’s iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has cleared a major hurdle on its way to a commercial release. Extra: Image Gallery

No more 32-bit operating systems – Microsoft

At the annual WinHEC hardware engineering conference, Microsoft General Manager Bill Laing proclaimed that Windows Server 2008 will be the company’s last 32-bit operating system.  He added that it was “the right thing for the industry”.

Verizon launches mobile ESPN

Verizon today launched its mobile ESPN network, offering fans a revival of the service that bit the dust last year as an independent cell phone operator.