Nokia warns of battery problem that affects 46 million phones

The world's largest mobile phone manufacturer has issued an overheating warning about one of the batteries used in its products that could affect as many as 46 million handsets.

Skype coming to the iPhone, sorta

Stuttgart (Germany) – Shape Services has announced a basic feature set of Skype for Apple's iPhone. "Skype on the iPhone is a Reality" reads the headline of a press release that found its way to our Email inbox today and given the fact that this writer just canceled his provider contract with AT&T and since then has been using the iPhone as a portable Wi-Fi device and as an overpriced iPod, there was an immediate interest in testing this application.

Motorola to unleash Razr 2 this weekend

Schaumburg (IL) – Motorola will bring the second generation Razr phone to U.S, stores this weekend – and hopes that the device will bring back growth to the cellphone manufacturer.   In Pictures: Motorola Razr 2 ...  

Nokia, Sprint to offer N800 tablet with Wimax capability

Sprint is apparently preparing Nokia's N800 compact Internet device N800 to be available with support for Wimax next year.

Palm Foleo gets Linux platform, remote PC access capability

Palm has announced two important components for its upcoming PDA extension device "Foleo". Wind River will be the open standard Linux platform for the device and LogMeIn will provide a fee-based service for the device to access a PC over the Internet.

Lenovo to offer Suse Linux for its Thinkpad

Lenovo said that it will be offering its Thinkpad notebooks with Linux as well related support for the operating system.

Microsoft DRM to hit Nokia phones

Nokia announced today that it has formed a partnership with Microsoft to add additional copy protection safeguards to mobile entertainment content.

Plusmo dumps mobile widget portfolio on iPhone

Mobile application specialist Plusmo announced today full support for Apple's iPhone, bringing more than 20,000 mobile widgets to the device.

Use the USB port to charge AA batteries

Chicago (IL) – Moixa Energy has developed rechargeable AA batteries with a twist: the batteries are recharged simply by plugging them into an USB port.      

Eurocom introduces quad-core mobile workstation

Chicago (IL) – Eurocom has begun offering its heavy-weight Phantom mobile workstations with Intel’s Core 2 Quad processors.    

Sony gets FCC approval for fancy T650i cellphone

Chicago (IL) – Sony Ericsson has received the nod for its upcoming T650i phone with an integrated 3.2 megapixel camera.  

Toshiba SS RX1 64 GB SSD notebook delayed

Tokyo (Japan) - Japanese notebook buyers (and U.S. buyers with an eye on the Japanese market) have been waiting for Toshiba SS RX1 for some time – and it appears that the wait isn’t over yet. The ultra-thin notebook, on of the first to be available with a 64 GB solid state disk (SSD) drive was scheduled to become available today, but has not surfaced yet, according to  

UPDATE: Mobile phones don't have short-term health effects, says new report

A new report three years in the making bashes earlier claims that cell phone transmissions could cause immediate health problems.

Panasonic introduces new LUMIX digital camera with 18X zoom

Compact digital cameras usually have pathetic optical zoom, but Panasonic is changing that with its new LUMIX DMC-FZ18 with an amazing 18X optical zoom.

Alienware offers SSDs for notebooks

Alienware has begun offering flash-based mass storage devices for some of its notebooks. Customers can now purchase 32 GB solid state disk drives (SSDs) in a single or dual device configuration. Prices for SSD notebooks start at about $1500.

Sprint offers social mapping on mobile phones

Sprint has partnered up with Mountain View-based Loopt to offer friend tracking services on upcoming GPS-equipped phones.

iPhone partially unlocked

The fine geeks over at the iPhone Dev Wiki have claimed partial success in unlocking the Apple iPhone.

Voodoo announces Core 2 Extreme notebook

Calgary (Canada) – VoodooPC is offering a new performance notebook equipped with Intel’s Core 2 Extreme X7800 processor and up to 600 GB of hard disk space.      

Sprint brings back Katana phone with two new models

Overland Park (KS) - Sanyo has introduced the next generation to its Katana multimedia phone, offered exclusively with Sprint service. The Katana DLX phone joins the Katana II phone as the successors to the original model that came out just over a year ago.  The Katana II is the basic successor to the Katana, offering much of the same functionality. The Katana II does increase the internal capacity, with 21 MB of data storage possible.  It has a VGA digital camera and access to all of Sprint's Vision network features.

Update: Intel joins $100 laptop initiative

Intel today announced that it will join the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative as an active member and effectively competing with AMD to provide at least one key component for the notebook.