iPhone hack confirmed and available

The iPhone unlock hack from the guys at iphonesimfree has been confirmed by several news outlets and is now available for purchase.

Motorola mulls multi-touch mobile

Motorola is reportedly thinking about a new touch-screen cell phone that would be in direct combat with Apple's iPhone.

Apple offers rebate, apologizes to iPhone buyers

Apple’s Steve Jobs has written a public letter to upset iPhone owners and he is now offering a $100 store credit to people who bought iPhones more than 14 days ago.

HP launches a pair of iPaq phones

HP launched two new cell phones this week, the latest move for the company as it expands beyond traditional computing equipment.

iPhone price cut angers early adopters, concerns investors

A $200 price drop for Apple's iPhone may be good news for budgeted consumers, but there's plenty of criticism to be found over the same move.

Update: Apple revamps entire iPod line, introduces ringtone maker

Not too many people in this world can hold a crowd as well as Apple’s Steve Jobs and for one hour today he wowed thousands with a bigger and brighter iPod lineup, along with a new ringtone maker.>> In Pictures: Apple's new iPods 

Thinkpad turns 15, gets a $5000 "Reserve Edition"

Research Triangle Park (NC) – If you are planning on spending $5000 for a notebook, there's a good chance that you are looking for a gaming system and you probably will not be checking what Lenovo is offering. But if you have $5000 to spend on a fancy business notebook, the limited Thinkpad Reserve Edition is worth a look.      

Study says 10 minutes on cell phone can trigger cancer onset

A new study casts one of the most negative lights on cell phone usage, claiming that just 10 minutes of chatting can lead to cancer.

iPhone accounts for almost 2% of U.S. cellphone sales

Apple is on track to exceed its shipment goal for its iPhone, a report released by iSuppli suggests.

Nokia introduces mobile music, games service

Nokia has unveiled a new wireless platform for downloading music and games onto mobile phones.

Nikon announces D3 full-frame digital SLR

Nikon has announced its first full-frame digital SLR camera, the D3.

Company claims complete software unlock of iPhone

An upstart company is claiming a complete software unlock of the Apple iPhone.

Motorola cues up next Q phone

Schaumburg (IL) - Motorola has launched the latest handset in its "Q" phone line, offering more than 32 gigabytes of removable memory and a new keyboard layout. Based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 operating system, the Q Music 9M has a strong multimedia focus with video/music controls operated by a clicking scroll wheel on the side of the phone.

AT&T to save trees, simplifies iPhone bills

Hundred page iPhone bills should be a thing of the past after AT&T informed customers that it will no longer itemize every call and message.

Motorola preps fixed wireless office phone

Chicago (IL) – The FCC has approved a new office phone from Motorola that works in combination with wireless networks and does require access to a landline.    

UK firm working on wind-powered cell phone charger

UK mobile service provider Orange has announced it is working on a new cell phone charger powered entirely by wind.

iPhone keyboard lacks accuracy, study finds

A new study concludes what many iPhone users may have found out already. The iPhone's on-screen keyboard isn't really as good as it may look at first sight.

Helio pumps out thinnest phone in the U.S.

Los Angeles (CA) - Helio's latest phone, the "Fin", measures only 0.45 inches thick and still manages to pack in a three megapixel camera and 100 MB of internal memory. See images of all Helio phones and features

Firefly phone gets a digital camera

Chicago (IL) – There is no such thing as a an easy to use cellphone, we know that by now. And even the simplest cellphone on the market, the Firefly phone for kids, is now getting an upgrade with a digital camera, a music/video player and a comprehensive software suite including a calendar and a contact manager.    

Electromagnetic radiation spray’s claim blocked by British standards bureau

French cosmetics firm Clarins is in hot water after the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) criticized its ads for a mobile phone radiation blocking spray.