Rumors of second-generation Apple iPhone continue to surface

Sony gets FCC approval for stylish VGN-TZ notebook

Sony has taken the final hurdle in bringing a new compact notebook to the U.S. The new TZ series will weigh in at just 2.62 pounds and offer a choice of Intel’s ultra low-voltage processors U7500 (1.06 GHz) or U7600 (1.2 GHz). Built on Intel’s Santa Rosa platform the notebooks will support draft-n (v2.0) wireless connectivity and come with an optional Novatel EvDO wireless broadband card, according to the documents filed with the FCC.  

Man driving a tank takes out six mobile phone towers

Bids for blended iPhone top $1000 on Ebay

Acer begins testing water for Gemstone-design consumer notebooks in the US

RIM preps Wi-Fi Blackberry

Research in Motion (RIM) today received approval from FCC for a new device the company calls a “handheld organizer and cellular phone with Wi-Fi” capability. Details about the device with the model number RBG41W were withheld, but sketches published on the FCC website reveal that RIM will introduce the Wi-Fi feature in a new version of the Blackberry 8800 series. RIM declined declined to comment on a possible release date of the phone.

Youtube, SKorea's LG agree to develop mobile phone

Nokia and Motorola say fake batteries could explode

Nokia and Motorola are telling Chinese government officials that fake mobile phone batteries could explode.

4-year-old does denial of service against 911

A four-year-old girl is in big trouble after calling 911 hundreds of times on a mobile phone.

Second generation Chocolate phones around the corner

$100 laptop to become a $50 laptop by 2009

Discrepancies plague battery life reports for iPhone

AT&T says iPhone activation improving

Philly mayor ditches iPhone line

Philadelphia Mayor camps out for iPhone

Philadelphia Mayor John Street wants an iPhone and began camping out at a South Philadelphia sidewalk at 3:30 AM this morning.

Apple begins selling LED-backlight MacBook Pro

Apple CEO: Surfing with the iPhone isn't fast

Toshiba ready to release iPhone rival G900 in Europe

Not sure whether you should buy an iPhone? Just in time for the launch of Apple’s first cellphone, Toshiba announced to be offering its Portege G900 beginning in July. The smartphone will only be sold in Europe initially and can be purchased through the distributor Dangaard Telecom. The slider phone, which sports a 3” screen as well as a keyboard and comes with Wi-Fi as well as wireless broadband (HSDPA) connectivity is offered for 600 Euro (about $810). The G900 is expected to arrive in the U.S. later this year and will likely carry a price of $600.

Sales of music players fall

A new study done by the NPD Group, a market research firm, shows that sales of digital music players have been falling.

Creative follows up Zen Stone with souped-up version 2