Google Helpouts seems like deja vu

A few years ago, way back in the late 90s, Citrix Online, the maker of GoToMeeting, was known as Expertcity. They had a service to provide computer help using experts who would connect to users via a browser based screen sharing application. That didn't work out so good so, they pivoted and created GoToMyPC and then GoToMeeting.  

LG talks up humongous Quad HD LCD display for smartphones

What the....2560x1440 5.5 inch smartphone screen with 538ppi. Smartphones will eventually turn everyone into squinty eyed misanthropes with radiation burns.    

Nokia Bandit: bigger is better

The new trend in smartphone design is: Screw it! We've run out of ideas so, let's just make it big. Everyone will see that our phone is clearly different because it is so damn big! It will have to hang off people's backs so other people will see our phone, our brand, and it will be really big. Right there, in their faces.    We will not be ignored. End of missive from smartphone marketing department head, Dickie Little.  

Apple Store's malware problem exposed by researchers

Georgia Tech researchers released an app into the Apple Store that masked malware as generic app functions. The exploit creates concerns about the migration of PC viruses to mobile, Apple's app vetting procedures, and the general way we protect our phones for attacks.  

Crowdfunded Ubuntu Edge smartphone breaks $10m barrier

If you decided to fund your next car purchase by begging for money on a street corner and promising people that you would get a really sweet ride with the money, you would be treated like the tramp that you are. If you go on Kickstarter/Indiegogo or any other crowdfunded site, you are an entrepreneur who knows how to hustle and you are sticking it to the man (VC/Angel/Rich Uncle Larry).   

Moto X: custom design your own phone, skip the store

It's getting hard to differentiate phones these days. Motorola is hoping to change the shopping experience in a small but significant way to make an impression. You can, too, by taking part in the design of your own Moto X phone.   You can bypass the dreaded phone store and go to MotoMaker to customize and order your own phone. Color, texture, and even a wooden back option for your phone.   

Facebook, PayPal like service, Internet quakes, Doomsday clock at 1 second to midnight

It looks like every day Facebook is pushing out something to make sure that everyone is doing everything on Facebook. It's hard to argue the point because the Facebook juggernaut has so much momentum and if you try and stand in front of it you will get crushed. Internets be warned!  

Facebook will not let you doing anything without Facebook

The Internet's mega-church for self-worshipers is adding restaurant reservation service OpenTable and TV listings to its mobile services. No one knows what this means in the big scheme of things, but it feels ever so world controlling so, we have to tell you about it because, you are likely to miss it if you use Facebook yourself.

Smartwatch watching: Samsung is getting in on the action

Going all Dick Tracey on the world is what Apple, Sony, Samsung - and everyone else with a wristband - is aiming to do. Will we die of boredom waiting for something that we had hoped never to wear again? Probably. Until someone comes up with a smartpocketwatch that dangles from a chain attached to your vest and can tell you exactly where the stagecoach from Tuscon is on Google Maps.  

Samsung beats Apple (hah) in legit customer satisfaction study

  Hah! Suck it Apple, you overhyped, self-aggrandizing multi-billion dollar hipster corporation. Samsung - an equally overhyped multi-billion dollar corporation that is not hipster-ish in any way - is kicking your butt. But not in Korea (wtf)!

Elite pilots and aircraft ground staff to get iPads

Ever wonder why pilots wheel around giant, square bags? No, neither did we, but apparently there is a lot of documentation in there, and not just whiskey. Surely there is a better way. Yes, there is says Australia's first CTO of its Defense Department.  

British government isn't going to ban all Internet obscenity

It may just keep soft core porn because who else is going to watch Cinemax. We're off to the pub now to avoid all the accusations that we are porn obsessed even though we don't make the news; just report it.

Wireless gadgetry in cars to grow 41% in next 4 years

Remember when you thought it was cool your car had a USB socket? Well, geezer, automotive infortainment is going to leave you behind and make someone else really rich. That's right, the blue screen of death will eventually mean, well, the blue screen of death. 

Mercedes' 2014 S-Class: one car to rule them all

Our precious has 455 bhp at 5500 rpm. It is, undoubtedly, the most luxurious sedan that can be had by people who don't work here for peanuts. It is one automatic shaving system away from being the greatest car ever invented.  

Samsung Tab 3 versus Nexus 10: why are you still buying an iPad

If you can get a Tab 3 or a Nexus 10 for $399, why would you want an iPad. I don't get it, but anyhow, let's take a look at the latest review of these two Android babies and faceslap our way through an Apple Store.

Car owners suing Ford for its MyFord Touch Infotainment System

Yeah, it is a Microsoft UX thing, but it could be cool, but it has some issues. Surely we all have a bone to pick when it comes to our cars' new fangled interfaces and usability. Some day we will all sue our cars. Hooray for lawyers.  

Smart diapers: there's an app for everything

360 million diapers are changed everyday. Some day, every single one will have a digital story to tell. And you will be downloading them to your phone.

Google pushes its own agenda for mobile site design

Responsive design is making some web developers feel very smug and self-confident while raising the rates of User Experience and User Interface engineers everywhere because, Google.

Flat versus skeuomorphic: designer apocalypse

Yes, it has finally happened, Microsoft has gotten ahead of the curve. That tile thingy interface for Windows 8 is just what Apple needs.

Onyx debuts Android smartphone with black and white E-Ink screen

There are really quite a numer of advantages to an E-ink display fitted on devices such as digital readers and mobile phones.