Romney VP announcement to come through app

If you want to be among the first to know who will be joining Mitt Romney on his quest for the White House, the candidate's campaign wants to be sure you know about the "Mitt's VP" app available on the iPhone and Android.

Galaxy Note II may have flexible display

Samsung's new large-screen phone might have a 'flexible' screen.

Here are the latest iPhone 5 rumors

Expect to see proprietary Apple maps and no built-in Youtube app when the next iPhone launches.

Sony backpeddles on Jelly Bean promises

Sony is taking back statements it made about the next Android update for its smartphone line.

AT&T to launch shared data plans

AT&T will take a page out of Verizon's playbook later this month.

This Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G streams live mobile TV

Wireless provider MetroPCS has become the first company in the US to offer a smartphone capable of receiving and streaming free live mobile DTV broadcasts.

Nokia hints at Windows Phone 8 reveal next month

In line with previous reports, Nokia is tipping off that Windows Phone 8 will be officially unveiled early next month.

Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note to get Jelly Bean

The work of rolling out Android updates is a never-ending process.

New Galaxy Note phone to debut this month

Samsung is set to launch a successor to its intriguing large-screen Galaxy Note phone.

Jelly Bean already approaches 1% market share

Although it may seem like it isn't really available on any publicly-available device, the latest version of Android is already quickly adopting.

Google Wallet opens up support for everyone

Google has released the biggest update yet to its mobile payment platform.

Report: Apple will unveil iPhone 5 on 9/12

One of the most cited Apple rumors so far this year is that the company will introduce the world to the new iPhone on September 12.

Sprint Evo phones finally getting Android 4.0

The Ice Cream Sandwich rollout is finally hitting a couple more of Sprint's Evo-branded handsets.

Verizon to allow third-party tethering apps

Verizon will no longer block Android users from using third-party apps for mobile data tethering.

Sony's 2011 Xperia phones might get Jelly Bean

Sony's line of Xperia phones from last year might be eligible for the latest version of Android.

Spotify Internet radio comes to Android

Music service Spotify is launching its free unlimited streaming platform on Android.

Samsung previews Windows Phone 8 devices

Samsung likes to play all sides of the field, and it is already pledging support for the next iteration of Windows Phone.

Apple patent highlights NFC tech

A newly uncovered Apple patent shows that the iPhone 5 is likely to have NFC functionality.

Jelly Bean heading to Galaxy S II and III

Samsung is eager to get its phones updated to the latest and greatest version of Google's mobile OS.

Windows Phone 8 reportedly being unveiled Sep 5

The next generation of Windows Phone looks to be almost ready for prime time.