Motorola tablets get Ice Cream Sandwich

A number of Motorola tablets are now receiving updates to Android 4.0.

LG Nexus images surface

Images of what appear to be the next Nexus-branded smartphone have been leaked.

Samsung confirms Galaxy S III Jelly Bean soon

Samsung has officially posted that its Galaxy S III phones will be upgraded to Android 4.1 "soon."

Starbucks Square partnership gets official

Starting next month, you'll be able to pay for your coffee with Square Wallet.

HTC's 8X Windows Phone price reportedly leaked

HTC's latest and greatest Windows Phone device could carry an unsubsidized price of around $560.

Windows Phone 8 will officially launch 10/29

The next iteration of Microsoft's mobile operating system has been granted an official release date.

Google could be changing "Nexus" strategy

Google is reportedly getting ready to roll out a new strategy for its line of "Nexus" Android devices.

Playstation Mobile comes to Vita

Sony has launched its Playstation smartphone app for the Playstation Vita.

Microsoft Surface-branded smartphone rumors surface

It's believed that Microsoft will launch its own branded smartphone in the early part of 2013.

Galaxy S III "Mini" rumors pop up

Samsung is holding an event next week, prompting rumors the company will unveil a smaller version of the wildly popular Galaxy S III.

MetroPCS and T-Mobile approve merger: report

It looks like T-Mobile is finally going to merge with another company.

HTC's 8X Windows Phone 8 phone goes to AT&T

HTC's latest and greatest attempt at gaining the attention of the Windows Phone market will be available on AT&T.

Android Jelly Bean reaches 1.8%

The latest Android numbers are in.

Apple patches iPhone 5 Verizon bug

It's only been out for several days but the iPhone 5 is already getting its first bug patched.

Regional carriers begin selling iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is now available for a variety of smaller regional carriers.

Developer interest in Android has decreased

Despite its continued increase in the mainstream consciousness, Android has seen a decrease in developer interest.

The dissatisfied maps of iOS 6

A recent survey conducted by a consumer research firm known as On Device recently polled 16,000 Apple iPhone owners in the United States.

Google Play reaches 25 billion downloads

Forget McDonald's - Google is the one boasting about billions and billions served today.

Samsung Galaxy vulnerability is quashed

Samsung has responded to the news that created shock waves yesterday.

NFC pundit downplays iPhone 5

At least one player in the NFC world doesn't see the iPhone 5's lack of support as a huge deal.