Google may reveal Nexus 10, 3G Nexus 7 next week

The rumors continue to fly about Google's October 29 media event.

Skype for Windows 8 to debut 10/26

A Windows 8 version of Skype, and the first major overhaul for the platform since Microsoft's acquisition, will go live on October 26.

Motorola offers phone deal due to Jelly Bean

Because Motorola has been slow to roll out its Jelly Bean updates, the company is now offering a pretty good deal.

Android "Key Lime Pie" likely revealed 10/29

The next installment in Google's mobile operating system is expected to be revealed on October 29.

2011 Xperia phones will not get Jelly Bean

Bad news if you have a Sony Xperia phone that was released last year.

iPhone claims 46% of smartphone web traffic

Apple's iPhone generates more web traffic than any other smartphone in the US.

Verizon sold 4.5 million LTE devices last quarter

If you needed proof that Verizon is the leader in LTE, here it is.

Motorola's Droid Razr M goes to Jelly Bean

Motorola's recently released Razr M phone is getting the coveted Jelly Bean update.

Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update may be in 2013

It might not be until next year that owners of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone get the latest and greatest version of Android.

Smartphones: one billion served

There are now more than one billion smartphone users across the globe.

Galaxy Note II coming to Sprint on October 25

Sprint customers, get ready for the biggest smartphone your carrier has ever offered.

Asus tries again with the PadFone 2

The reception was slightly less-than-stellar earlier this year when Asus unveiled its tablet and smartphone combination aptly dubbed the PadFone.

What happened to Thunderbolt's ICS update?

Verizon's flagship 4G LTE smartphone still hasn't been upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.

LG confirms Jelly Bean upgrades

Users with an LG Optimus LTE II will be getting an upgrade to Android 4.1 next month.

T-Mobile promises big things with LTE

T-Mobile is finally getting on the LTE bandwagon.

Jelly Bean hits Transformer Pad LTE

Asus has finally finalizes the latest update for the LTE version of its Transformer Pad tablet.

Microsoft backpedals on mobile Office

Microsoft is rejecting statements made by one of its own employees.

Consumer Reports: Purple haze not an iPhone 5 issue

Consumer Reports is defending its positive review of the iPhone 5, saying the recent flare-up about the device's camera is an issue common across many smartphones.

Galaxy S III Mini confirmed

Right on schedule, Samsung has confirmed the existence of an impending new version of its Galaxy S III phone.

Atrix 2 finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Motorola's successor to the Atrix phone is now getting its just desserts.