Intel "vPro" business desktops arrive

Stressed out IT managers may get some help with the availability of PCs based on Intel's "vPro" platform. The computers, part of the firm's professional business platform, use the Q965 chipset that not only integrate virtualization, but also Intel's second generation Active Management Technology with a circuit breaker support.

Is your PC HD ready?

Chicago (IL) - Ever wondered, if your current PC has enough horsepower to handle the next generation of multimedia? No, we are not talking about a Vista ready PC, but simply a system that is capable of displaying HD movies. Cyberlink has a surprise for you - get ready for a major overhaul or to throw out your PC, if you don't own a dual-core processor.

IBM ships Broadway CPU for Nintendo Wii console

Armonk (NY) - IBM today announced that it has begun shipping the microprocessor that will be built into Nintendo's upcoming Wii video game system. Nintendo has a multi-year contract with IBM to create millions of the microchips, code-named "Broadway," which are specially designed with the Wii's unique game play interface in mind.

Asus to use VIA chipsets for Intel-based motherboards

ASRock, an Asustek Computer subsidiary focusing on entry-level motherboards, will significantly increase the adoption of integrated graphics processor (IGP) chipsets from VIA Technologies for Intel-based motherboards while lowering the proportion of motherboards with ATI chipsets, indicated sources who have seen the company's latest roadmap.

BenQ adds 22" to widescreen LCD monitor line up

BenQ recently launched a 22" LCD monitor to its existing widescreen LCD monitor line, 17-, 19-, 20-, 24" models.

Primera releases "affordable" CD/DVD duplicator and labeler

Plymouth (MN) - DVD production is usually a slow and boring process requiring you to stare at a burner and then label the disc. Primera's promises to end this boredom with it new automated CD/DVD duplicator and labeler. The Bravo SE Disc Publisher can burn and label up to 20 discs in one session. It can even print virtually waterproof labels.

HP intros 30" widescreen LCD

Perhaps in competition to Apple's 30" Cinema HD display, HP have announced a November release of the LP 3065, a widescreen 30" with black surround.

Company releases 'Hybrio' ready-to-use rechargeable batteries

Ever ripped open a package of rechargeable batteries and discovered that you still had to charge them before you actually can use them? Now Uniross and its new subsidiary North American Battery Company (NABC) are releasing a new rechargeable battery that can be used right away. The company claims the batteries will retain their charge for months and can be recharged up to 500 times.

Windows Vista RC1 now available for public download

Redmond (WA) - Microsoft released a public download of Windows Vista RC1 through its customer preview program (CPP). Before you run to get your time-limited early Vista copy, be sure to make your way through Microsoft's release notes to cover all other upgrades that are necessary to run the new operating system without hiccups.

Samsung adopts ARM technology for Blu-ray player

ARM on September 6 announced that Samsung Electronics has licensed ARM Jazelle software technology for deployment in the Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray Disc (BD) player. The ARM Jazelle Java Technology Enabling Kit (JTEK) software licensed by Samsung was originally developed for the mobile handset market. More here at DigiTimes.

Infineon may team up with UMC on handset RF transceiver chips

Infineon Technologies is now evaluating the possibility to outsource production of handset-use radio frequency (RF) transceivers, considering United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) as a possible partner, according to Arun Palwankar, marketing director of Infineon's RF business in the Asia-Pacific region.

IBM to build Cell supercomputer for DOE

Washington, D.C. - IBM will construct a new supercomputer for the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). The system will combine Cell and Opteron processors and deliver more than twice the combined performance of the DOE's BlueGene/L and ASC Purple systems, which are currently ranked #1 and #3 on the Top 500 supercomputer list.

More cache for more speed: AMD launches Athlon 64 X2 5200+

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD has begun offering a new processor in its mainstream dual-core lineup. The 5200+ joins the Athlon 64 X2 series as new flagship. There no clock speed increase, but AMD has integrated twice the cache of the 5000+ and re-enters the $400+ segment of CPUs. The update of the desktop X2 series came without much fanfare this morning. A quick look at the technical data of the 5200+ may provide a justification for the rather quiet introduction as the chips simply brings up the clock speed of 4800+ processor to the 5000+ level.

Nvidia releases 7900 GS, announces 7950 GT graphics chips

Santa Clara (CA) - Nvidia updated its graphics chip portfolio with the new mainstream chip 7900 GS, which will be available in graphic cards selling between $200 and $250. The 7950 GT will follow next week and aim for the hardcore PC gamer and a prices between $300 and $350. A handful of companies have already pledged availability of the GPUs in their latest graphics cards.

Apple unveils Core 2 Duo Imacs

Cupertino (CA) - Apple today launched the second generation of Intel-based Imac computers, which now integrate Intel's mobile Core 2 Duo processor with "Merom" core. There is also a new high-performance model with a 24" screen that lifts the Imac into the price territory of enthusiast systems. Core 2 Duo T7600 in Tom's Hardware's test lab

ATI releases Vista RC1 graphics driver

ATI has published what the company calls "rock-solid" Catalyst graphic card drivers for Windows Vista RC1. The company promises that the new drivers "improve on the leading stability and performance found in previous versions, and introduce new features such as ATI's Powerplay power management technology for improved battery life for mobile platforms." The new drivers are available for download from ATI's website.

Office Depot's $100 PC

Retail chain Office Depot advertised a $99.99 PC package last weekend as a warm-up for this year's Thanksgiving Day sales. Not surprisingly, the PC wasn't quite a powerhouse, but it was a complete system including a monitor and printer. The HP minitower used a Celeron D 352 (3.2 GHz) processor, 256 MB memory, an 80 GB hard drive a CD burner and an "F380" all-in-one printer. There are some strings attached - cuh as the the common mail-in-rebates, which total $330. A reader also informed us that Office Depot asks for a "minimum" $99 shipping charge.

FreeDOS v1.0 released

An open source project maintaining a free DOS-compatible operating system commonly used in embedded devices such as cash registers has achieved its first-ever major release.

Lacie offers biometric hard drives

Lacie has upgraded its biometrically-protected SAFE hard drive line with a desktop edition, adding an internal firmware lock to help prevent data from being accessed if the actual hard drive is removed from the chassis.

Corel releases Snapfire rivaling Google

Corel was defeated by Microsoft a few years back while competing for the PC software market. Now that it's relisted as a public company and has been reorganized, it faces a tough new rival in Google