Emachines announces $520 dual-core system

Dual-core processors have reached the entry-level computer market. Emachines today announced its T5212 system, which comes with an Intel first-generation dual-core processor, plenty of RAM and hard disk storage for $520.

Microsoft Releases New Build of Windows Vista

Microsoft has released an interim build of Windows Vista to its usual testers as well as to some 100,000 of the participants in its Customer Preview Program.

Apple premiers Aperture 1.5 at Photokina

Apple Computer has released Aperture 1.5, a major update to the all-in-one post production tool for photographers that delivers enhancements across each phase of the entire workflow.

Iogear announces germ-killing computer mouse

Chicaho (IL) - It's no secret that computer keyboards and mice are among the most likely places to harbor immense populations of bacteria. Iogear promises at least a partial solution to this common problem with a new mouse that claims to kill germs by simply getting in contact with its surface.

Adobe ships Photoshop Elements 5.0, Premiere Elements 3.0

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced that the latest installments to the Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements software have been shipped to retailers nationwide.

AMD sends "Multi-Core Processing for Dummies" to IDF

Last week, AMD somewhat surprisingly confirmed that it won't book a hotel room to host press briefings parallel to the Fall Intel Developer Forum, which will open its doors on Tuesday, 26 September. However, AMD couldn't help to completely abandon the tradition of taking advantage of the event and sent out a booklet to tech journalists. Presented as a special edition of a popular tutorial series, we received a "Multicore Processing for Dummies" in our mail. The 32-page booklet, published by Wiley, is accompanied by a note that states:

SDRAM shows buoyant signs amid insufficient supply

The buoyant price trend of SDRAM is likely to persist, thanks to seasonal effects and limited supply from leading players, according to industry players.

Micron samples DDR3 memory

Boise (ID) - Micron is the second major DRAM manufacturer to announce sample shipments of next-generation DDR3 modules and claims to be the first company to ship 1 Gb devices with a capacity of up to 2 GB. DDR3 promises to double the speed of today's DDR2 memory and is expected to become available on high-end desktop computers in late 2007.

Novell prepares real-time SUSE Linux

The fruits of Novell's development agreement with real-time systems specialist Concurrent Computer will be released in October in the form of SUSE Linux Enterprise Real-Time, according to reports.

ATI supports Crossfire dual-graphics on Intel 965 motherboards

ATI released a new version of its Catalyst graphics driver. Besides the usual game performance improvements, ATI claims that the 6.9 package adds dual-graphics support to motherboards based on Intel's 965 chipset for Core 2 Duo processors.

Intel Pentium D 935 and Core 2 Duo E4300 to debut in January 2007

Intel plans to introduce the Pentium D 935 and Core 2 Duo E4300 desktop CPUs, priced at $133 and $163 respectively, in January 2007, motherboard makers have revealed.

Epson develops world's slimmest e-paper

Seiko Epson has developed the world's slimmest electronic paper (e-paper), according to the Japanese-language Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Ramtron extends its serial memory portfolio with new 512 kb FRAM

Ramtron International, a developer and supplier of nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) and integrated semiconductor products, has expanded its portfolio of serial memory products with the launch of the FM24C512, a half-megabit nonvolatile FRAM product with an industry standard 2-wire serial interface.

Cray, Sun, IBM support AMD's Torrenza platform

AMD today announced a first wave of companies that are "evaluating" the firm's "Torrenza" platform. According to AMD, Cray, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, IBM and Sun Microsystems "have endorsed Torrenza as an open innovation initiative" and are currently "evaluating" the AMD technology.

Dell laptop catches fire at Yahoo research building

Santa Clara (CA) - In what has become an almost daily occurrence, another Dell laptop has caught on fire, this time at Yahoo's Silicon Valley research center in Santa Clara. The fire caused several hundred employees to stream out of the office tower, but fortunately no one was injured. Employees returned to work approximately 45 minutes later.

AMD skips IDF, 4X4 has to wait

Culver City (CA) - Several major companies are hurriedly preparing products and announcements to coincide with next week's Intel Developer's Forum (IDF), but traditional gate-crasher AMD will be missing. For the first time in several years, AMD will not be luring journalists away - and it will not preview or announce its Core 2 Quadro competitor "4x4".

Notebook makers meet to discuss new battery standards

Amidst a flurry of notebook battery recalls, several notebook makers including Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo have met in San Jose to discuss possible new battery standards. Sony, the battery manufacturer at the center of recent battery recalls, was not invited to the meeting, according to Sony spokesman John Dolak. It's unclear if Apple attended the meeting.

Intel to start shipping dual-core Celeron M CPUs in small volumes in Q4

Reinforcing its lineup of entry-level 64-bit dual-core processors, Intel plans to start small-volume shipments of two 65nm Celeron M CPUs, the Celeron M 520 and the Celeron M 530, in the fourth quarter of this year, with mass shipments scheduled for the following quarter, according to sources at Taiwan notebook makers.

MSI unveils P965 Platinum mobo with Crossfire support

Micro Star International (MSI) unveiled its P965 Platinum motherboard, which the company claims is the industry's first motherboard based on Intel's P965 chipsets supporting ATI's Crossfire dual-card graphics technology for the gaming market.

Single-core Conroe to appear as Pentium E1000 and Celeron 400 series

Intel's single-core Conroe-L processors will appear in two family series, with the Pentium E1000 scheduled for launch in the second quarter of 2007, while the Celeron 400 will arrive one quarter later, according to Taiwan-based motherboard makers that have reviewed Intel's latest desktop CPU roadmap.