Transcend and TwinMos launch 4 GB and 8 GB SDHC cards

Transcend Information and TwinMos Technologies have separately launched 4 GB and 8 GB secure digital high-capacity (SDHC) cards.

Terra Soft moves past Apple with first Cell-based supercomputing cluster

The announcement last year that Apple was moving to Intel-based hardware might have seemed like a fatal blow to Terra Soft Solutions, a company best-known for the Yellow Dog Linux distro.

Microsoft ending support for Windows XP Service Pack 1

Microsoft is going to end support for Windows XP Service Pack 1 and 1a next Tuesday. The company will only give critical updates and security fixes for users who have or upgrade to Service Pack 2.

AMD schedules 65 nm "Taylor" launch for Q2 2007

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will announce the Rev G Turion 64 X2 and Mobile Sempron CPU lineups, which will debut as the chip vendor's first 65 nm-made mobile processors, in 2007, according to motherboard makers familiar with AMD's latest CPU roadmap.

Viewsonic launches DLP projector for less than $1000

Viewsonic announced a DLP (digital light processing) front-projector priced at less than $1000, for business and home use.

NEC to sample high-brightness 12.1" LCD module

NEC LCD Technologies recently announced that it will begin shipping samples of its new 12.1-inch super video graphics array (SVGA) TFT-LCD module.

Asustek rolls out 2ms 22" widescreen LCD monitor

Asustek Computer last week debuted its 22" widescreen LCD monitor (MW221U) featuring a response time of 2ms.

OCZ rolls out 600 watt modular power supply

OCZ Technology Group has introduced a new modular power supply with a sustained output of 600 watts. The PSU will hopefully lessen cable clutter because only the necessary power cables need to be attached. The titanium mirrored case comes with two PCI-Express cables and a 4/8 pin CPU auxiliary fan connector.

Sonic to use Macrovision DRM for secure DVD burning

Sonic Solutions today said that it has licensed Macrovision software to provide what the firms call the industry's first comprehensive protection solution for custom manufacturing of secure DVDs. The two companies claim the new partnership allows them to provide worthwhile security solutions for content owners who have been wary of insufficient digital ripping protection on DVDs.

Firefox gears for 2.0 with new release candidate

Mozilla recently released a new version of its Firefox 2.0 Release Candidate 2, a publicly available preview of an overhauled version of the current Firefox Web browser.

Microsoft releases Windows Vista RC2 to beta testers

Redmond (WA) - Microsoft today released what the company believes will be the last non-final version of the Windows Vista operating system. Vista RC2 promises more stability and more performance than RC1, which was released to a total of five million users earlier this month. See the preview of Windows Vista ...

Roadmap leak indicates ATI direction after AMD acquisition

An ATI chipset roadmap has appeared on two South American websites today. At least for now, it appears that the acquisition by AMD could accelerate the rollout of products and ATI. While battling Intel on the low-end, ATI's chipsets and graphics processors begin to align closely with AMD to offer high-end gaming solutions for FX processors.

IBM demonstrates Ajax mashup tool for the rest of us

At Ajax World, IBM is demonstrating a tool that it will soon put up on its hosted alpha services site that would enable developers to build Ajax mashups.

World of Warcraft for Linux, thanks to CodeWeavers CrossOver Linux

Codeweavers has released a beta version of their CrossOver Linux which allows Linux fans to play World of Warcraft. CrossOver Linux Standard beta 2 came out last week and can also play Half-Life 2 and Windows Flash Player 9. The beta is currently available as a free download.

Google extends searches to code, pie, mash

Google has unveiled a couple of new search services.

Nvidia shares rocket on Intel takeover rumors

Nvidia shares rocketed up almost 10% in Wednesday's trading as rumors flew about a possible takeover from Intel. More than 22 million Nvidia shares traded on Wednesday with prices rising about 9.8%. So far this morning, stock prices have dipped about 2% to $30.45 a share.

Microsoft reduces feature set in pirated copies of Vista

Redmond (WA) - Windows Vista will introduce new tools that aim to make pirated versions less attractive and prompt users to activate a legally obtained copy of the operating system. Deeply integrated into the core of the software, Microsoft will reserve functionality such as the Aero Glass interface and Flash acceleration for Windows Vista versions that are validated.

Tight supply of low-end CPUs delivers uncertainty for Q4

Charles Chou, an analyst at Fubon Securities, commented that the tight supply of low-end Intel Celeron and AMD Socket AM2 Sempron CPUs became apparent in the middle of September, with the two chip vendors gearing up to accelerate each platform's transition by the fourth quarter of 2006.

AMD validates 65nm CPU production at Chartered

Industry sources noted that AMD has validated its 65 nm CPU production at Singapore-based foundry Chartered Semiconductor and volume production of AMD's 65 nm CPU lineup at Chartered is slated for the first half of 2007.

IBM releases new lower power PowerPC processors

IBM has introduced two single-core PowerPC processors that use up to 50% less power than previous models. The PowerPC 750CL is a 32-bit processor with speeds ranging from 400MHz to 1GHz. The 970GX is a much more powerful 32 and 64-bit chip that runs from 1.2 to 2.5 GHz.