AOpen XC Cube system provide 64-bit processing

Small form factor (SFF) system supplier AOpen has announced the XC Cube EZ945 as a new member to its XC Cube series.

Gateway recalls 35,000 Sony batteries

Gateway issued a "voluntary" recall of about 35,000 batteries included with notebooks that were shipped through the firm's direct, professional and retail channels. According to the company, the batteries affected were built by Sony and can overheat and create a "potential" fire hazard.

Dell introduces AMD-based 2P, 4P servers

Dell today rolled out its first servers based on AMD's Opteron processors. The rack server Power Edge 6950 and the blade server Power Edge SC1435 promise more performance and power efficiency than Intel's Irwindale and Tulsa processors, which are based on the firm's aging Netburst architecture.

Crucial spices up Ballistix gamer memory

Crucial has updated its Ballistix and Ballistics Tracer memory modules.

UPDATE: Eeye rolls out free PC security solution

Eeye Digital Security today announced a free version of its Blink computer security software for personal use. The application gives users protection against identity theft, worms, trojans, and other possible hacks, in an "unobtrusive, integrated and deeply-layered" agent, the first of its kind to be offered for free, said Eeye.

Intel demos Tigerton

Intel is sticking with its roadmap for the quadcore Tigerton and demonstrated a server running four of the little blighters on Friday, according to reports.

Sony delays set-top Blu-ray player again

Tokyo (Japan) - Sony has once again delayed their BDP-S1 standalone Blu-Ray disc player. The player is now expected to ship on December 4th, 2006 for $1000. Originally announced back in March for a July release, Sony has repeatedly pushed the release to August, October and now December.

Winzip unzips public beta for version 11.0

Corel's Winzip division today announced that it has launched the beta version of Winzip 11.0, which is now available for public testing. New features for the latest version include increased file support, improved WAV compression, read-support for RAR and the ability to preview images in ZIP files.

Samsung develops first 50nm DRAM chip

Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the world's first 50nm DDR2 dynamic random access memory chip (DRAM). According to Samsung, the chips use a new three-dimensional transistor design which helps the chip retain memory better and increases production yields by 55 percent.

Microsoft to develop future Xbox chips

Chipping away from former and current hardware partners Intel IBM, Microsoft has decided to develop game console processors itself, reports The New York Times. Design and testing of new chips is headed to Microsoft's own internal labs in Redmond, WA and Mountain View, CA.

Lite-On IT looking to produce Blu-ray Disc drives for HP

With Hewlett-Packard (HP) deciding to adopt the Blu-ray Disc (BD) format for its optical disc drives (ODD), Lite-On IT is actively competing for such orders, according to industry sources.

UMC has doubts about Moore's Law, may soon produce ATI chips on 80 nm

Moving ahead to deeper submicron design rules, United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) questions the constancy of Moore's Law, according to company chairman and CEO Jackson Hu.

Nvidia offers performance boosting debugging kit for Linux and Windows

Nvidia is releasing a new version of its NVPerfKit application that promises to find rendering bugs and increase graphical performance. NVPerfKit version 2.1 is a suite of tools designed for analyzing and debugging OpenGL and Direct3D programs on both Linux and Windows. Nvidia claims the kits can increase average performance by as much as 35%.

Nvidia releases Vista graphics drivers

Nvidia announced that it is the first GPU company to ship WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) certified graphics drivers for Windows Vista. The version 96.85 Forceware drivers were released for download on 17 October from Nvidia's website.

NEC develops system-on-glass LCD modules

NEC LCD Technologies has announced the successful development of four new system-on-glass (SOG) LCD modules (LCMs) for personal digital assistants (PDAs) and portable GPS terminals.

Nvidia expected to launch Geforce 8800 on 8 November

November will be one busy month for gadget lovers and gaming enthusiasts.

Sanyo Epson unveils high-resolution cellphone display

Sanyo Epson today said that it has developed a 2.2" cellphone display that is just 1.1 mm thick and can display QVGA (320 x 240 pixel) resolution.

Microsoft opens up Virtual Hard Disk specification

Virtualization software, the kind that lets you run multiple operating systems at the same time, is getting a big boost from Microsoft. The company is allowing developers to use its Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) specification for free and without any licenses. The terms are quite simple with Microsoft saying, "The specification(s) could be used for free, easily, now and forever."

Intel to tape out first 45 nm processor by year-end

Santa Clara (CA) - Despite a quarter result that did not quite show the strength of the traditional Intel, the processor manufacturer apparently is on its way up again. During a conference call, chief executive officer Paul Otellini back up the claim of the promised massive launch of its recently introduced Core micro architecture.

Mozilla releases Firefox 2 RC3

As the introduction of the next generation version of Mozilla's Firefox Web browser continues to draw closer, the organization today announced a new release candidate of Firefox 2.