Sandisk to offer flash memory card for Nintendo Wii

Sandisk piggybacks on the launch of Nintendo's Wii and said that will be offering a "special edition" SD memory card when the game console launches this weekend.

Windows Vista available through MSDN

Microsoft today released a download of the final version of Windows Vista through its developer network MSDN.

Sony NEC Optiarc: Blu-ray Disc drive prices to drop 50% by 2008

By 2008, prices for Blu-ray Disc (BD) drives will drop 50% from current levels amid aggressive development by various related brands and makers, according to Shuji Minami, general manager, product business group of Sony NEC Optiarc.

Sony announces BWU-100A Blu-ray Disc burner

On November 16, Sony introduced its internal Blu-ray Disc (BD) burner model, the BWU-100A, to be sold in the Taiwan market at a recommended retail price of $1006.

Nikon introduces $600 digital SLR camera

As if this year's D-SLR war wasn't already intense enough, Nikon has again upped the ante with its latest low-end D-SLR, the D40.

Spam attack aims to push company stock

Antivirus specialist Panda Software said that it has detected "massive amounts" of spam that are distributed to push sales of stocks of West Excelsior Enterprise.

Viewsonic introduces 42" LCD network display

Continuing to provide affordable digital signage solutions, Viewsonic has unveiled its 42" ND4210w LCD network display.

Catalyst 6.11 driver for Radeon graphics cards released

AMD's graphics division, formerly known as ATI, has released its November graphics driver update. Version 6.11 brings a few performance enhancements, especially for Call of Duty 2.

Corel releases Winzip 11

Corel today announced a new version of the compression utility Winzip. The 11th generation of the software introduces support for the archive formats RAR and BZ2 as well as additional features for handling image files.

Pimp your desktop with a 40-core workstation

TyanPSC announced what likely could be considered the ultimate multi-core desktop computer system that money can buy today. The new Typhoon 600 combines ten Intel quad-core processors for a maximum performance of 256 GFlops.

Microsoft takes Office Live out of beta

Microsoft today announced the final version of Office Live, an online productivity suite that assists small business in setting up websites, manage business tasks and purchase advertising on The basic service offers free domain registration and free web hosting.

OSD introduces new PLED display

OSD Display recently announced a new PLED (polymer organic light-emitting diode) display with significant power saving.

LG.Philips LCD to launch 19" and 22" widescreen LCD monitor panels in 1H 2007

LG.Philips LCD (LPL) plans to roll out 19" widescreen and 22" widescreen LCD monitor panels in the first quarter and the second quarter of 2007, respectively, according to market sources.

Dude, Second Life's getting a Dell store

Further adding to the integration of real life into the online PC hit Second Life, Dell today announced that it has opened up an online store in the virtual world where subscribers will be able to purchase products, including computers, and have them shipped to their real life house.

Sun announces 1.2 TFlop rack server

Sun today announced its new blade server 8000p at the supercomputing conference SC06. The extension of the existing 8000 model increases the density of the rack by 50% and squeezes 30 instead of 20 blades into one rack.

Microsoft rolls out six Windows patches

Microsoft rolled out several updates today as part of its monthly patch cycle, sometimes called "Patch Tuesday."

Airlines to build iPod connectivity into jets

Your iPod not only connects into the stereo system of your car, but will soon also hook up to the in-flight entertainment systems in airplanes of Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United.

Samsung joins the perpendicular hard drive party

Samsung today announced that it has begun offering 2.5" notebook hard drives that integrate perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology. The new "M80" series is available in SATA and PATA versions with capacities of 80 GB, 120 GB and 160 GB.

AMD launches "stream processor" accelerator board

Tampa (FL) - AMD today introduced what it calls the world's first dedicated stream processor. What sounds like a completely new product is in fact based on the R580 graphics processor used in Radeon X1900 graphics cards built by the firm's graphics division, formerly known as ATI. The slightly modified GPU promises to inject massive floating point performance into computers.

Lite-On IT launches 20x DVD burner

Lite-On IT has beaten rival first-tier optical disc drive (ODD) competitors, such as Sony and Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) by launching what it claims to be the world's first 20x DVD burners.