Mobo makers: CPU wars to enter new level with 45 nm Penryn in 2007

In response to the news that Intel has started making prototypes of 45nm Penryn processors, motherboard makers said they expect CPU wars to enter a new level with dual-core processors operating at frequencies of 3GHz and higher in 2007.

Samsung and LG.Philips LCD producing monitor panels at next-generation plants - sources

Industry sources recently indicated that Samsung Electronics and LG.Philips LCD (LPL) both are using their next-generation plants to produce LCD monitor panels, with Samsung producing 17" monitor panels at its seventh-generation (7G) plant and LPL using its 7.5G plant to make 19" monitor panels.

Marvell rolls out Intel's next-gen Xscale processor

Santa Clara (CA) - It has been a long, and sometimes seemingly uncertain, way for the Monahans processor. More than a year after the CPUs first demonstration and almost half a year of Marvell's acquisition of Intel's applications and communications processor business, the new Xscale processor has finally arrived.

Xandros Desktop Professional tries to pry Windows out of the office

Xandros has released a new version of their Linux desktop that promises to replace Windows operating systems in the office. Xandros Desktop - Professional is network compatible with Windows network servers allowing machines to access shared folders, NTFS partitions and even Exchange servers.

Foxconn expects to ship 10 million own-brand motherboards in 2006

Foxconn Electronics (the registered trade name of Hon Hai Precision Industry), which has just announced a deal with Singapore-based IT product distributor eSys Technologies to distribute PC components in Taiwan's retail market, expects its own-brand motherboard shipments to reach 10 million units this year, according to company sources.

Symantec releases antivirus beta software for Windows Vista

Symantec, next to McAfee, has been the key voice in criticizing Microsoft's decision to lock down the Windows Vista system Kernel and provide less access to one of the core elements - which could result in incompatibilities of the operating system and some antivirus software packages.

Lacie ships 2 TB RAID-able desktop drive

Lacie has begun shipping its 2 TB Biggest FW800 storage box, a unit that packs in four lock-in-place hot-swappable 500GB SATA drives and a dinky LCD status panel.

Apple and ViewSonic to unveil 17" widescreen LCD monitors soon

LCD vendors such as ViewSonic and Apple are set to launch 17" widescreen LCD monitors by year-end or the first quarter of 2007, according to industry sources.

Dell and HP shipping more PCs with 1GB DRAM to boost demand during wait for Vista

Dell and Hewlett Packard (HP) are increasing the proportion of their PCs with 1GB DRAM modules in order to stimulate the market, which is in a lull as consumers wait for the launch of Microsoft's Vista operating system (OS), according to sources with DRAM makers.

VoodooPC shines out new 30" monitor

VoodooPC is beginning to make some use of the products of its new owner, Hewlett-Packard (HP). The boutique PC builder announced the availability of a new 30" flat panel monitor, describing it is a high-performance monitor that consumers can purchase with select desktop computers.

No defects in PS3 stamping parts, says maker

Taiwan-based G-Shank Enterprise stated that stamping parts it manufactured for Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) game consoles have no defects and should not cause malfunction of the console's card reader, according to a November 20 filing the company made with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE).

UMC builds 45 nm SRAM chips

United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) today said it has successfully produced functional 45-nm SRAM chips featuring a bit cell size of less than 0.25 square microns.

Samsung develops credit card-thin LCD panel

Samsung today said that it has built the world's thinnest LCD panel and developed a new technology that allows the creation of thinner LCD displays in cellphones.

OCZ's 1150 MHz memory integrates liquid cooling

If you enjoy squeezing every bit of performance out of your computer, then you are used to dealing with large and potent cooling systems already.

XNA Studio Express supported by Vista with Visual Studio updates

Microsoft confirmed that its XNA Game Studio Express development tool, which lets users create Windows and Xbox video games, will be supported by the upcoming Windows Vista operating system.

Google Page Creator automatically builds mobile sites

Google has expanded the feature set of its free WYSIWIG HTML editor. The Page Creator now can handle up to five different pages on up to five different URLs. The tool now also comes with a basic image editor as well as a feature that automatically generates a mobile version of each site.

Second Life hit by worm

Second Life had to close its cyber gates for a short time on Sunday after a 'grey goo' virus attacked the virtual world.

MSI unveils quad-core supporting motherboards

Micro-Star International (MSI) on November 17 unveiled its P6N Diamond (Nvidia 680i chipset) and P6N SLI Platinum (Nvidia 650i chipset) motherboards which support Intel's quad-core Core 2 Extreme QX6700.

Toshiba first to offer Class 4 8 GB SDHC card

Toshiba today announced the global launch of the latest addition to its new series of high-capacity secure digital high capacity (SDHC) memory cards: an 8 GB Class 4 memory card, claiming it the first in the industry.

AMD aims for major 65 nm transition by mid-2007

Sunnyvale (CA) - In a briefing with journalists, AMD provided and updated outlook on its future processor and manufacturing plans. The firms 65 nm processors will be introduced in December. The company trails Intel by about 12 months, but AMD believes it will make the jump to a product line that consists mainly of 65 nm CPUs within half a year.