Opinion: Intel losses mounting

This news story from TG Daily about AMD's post-ATI-merger rise in the semiconductor rankings should make Nvidia and Intel feel a little light-headed.

Toshiba intros 1.8" 100 GB hard drive

Toshiba announced that it has developed a new version of its 1.8" hard drive, offering a capacity of 100 GB. The new drive, which is first to reach triple digits in its segment, is expected to roll out to mobile PCs starting next month and could also make its way into the next-generation video iPod.

Second generation Z-RAM announced

Santa Clara (CA) - Innovative Silicon, which made waves earlier this year by announcing a license agreement with AMD, today said that the second generation of its Z-RAM technology is available. The memory could be used as foundation for much denser L2 cache integrations in microprocessors.

MySpace hit by worm, adware and phishing

A malicious QuickTime movie file is spreading across social networking site MySpace, embedding itself in the user profile pages of infected victims and changing links to point to phishing sites.

Corsair releases FB DIMM 2 GB memory

Corsair has just introduced the Fully Buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) memory clocked at DDR2 667 MHz speed.

AMD introduces 65 nm processors

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD fired up the third stage of a series of announcements this morning and announced a first batch of 65 nm desktop dual-core processors. Almost one year behind Intel, the new X2 family CPUs launch as a quartet that do not bump processor performance but lower power consumption and provide headroom for future clock speed increases.

New Asus motherboards combine regular phones and Skype

ASUSTeK has announced that analog phone to Skype adapters will be included with its M2N and P5B TeleSky motherboards. With the adapters, users can plug their analog phones into the Skype VoIP service and make cheap or even free calls to friends.

Hynix introduces 512 Mbit, 200 MHz mobile DRAM

Hynix Semiconductor today announced it has developed 512Mbit mobile DRAM in 200MHz frequency, the so-called fastest and smallest mobile DRAM, according to the company.

Seagate helps your hard drive stay hard

Seagate CEO Bill Watkins will probably be known as the most brutally honest hard drive executive in history. During a dinner conversation with Fortune's senior editor Jeffrey O'Brien, Watkins said, "We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn."

Microsoft offers free hard drive image of Win XP, IE 6

Responding to developers' wishes to be able to run both Internet Explorer 6 and 7 side-by-side, Microsoft has launched a Virtual PC (VPC) image of Windows XP Service Pack 2, Internet Explorer 6, and the IE7 Readiness Toolkit.

PCM developed by IBM, Macronix and Qimonda can reach sub-20nm geometries

Macronix International Company (MXIC) announced on November 29 that its co-developed phase change memory (PCM) with IBM and Qimonda has proven to be applicable in sub-20nm geometries, indicating that the present physical barriers of NOR flash production on 65nm can be overcome.

Optimus OLED keyboard to be priced at $1200

And you thought the Playstation 3 was expensive: Design studio Art Lebedev announced that it will sell its Optimus computer keyboard for $1200 a piece in March of next year.

HP rolls out blade workstations

HP has rolled out the industry's first blade workstation which stores the computer safely away in the datacenter closet. The ProLiant Blade Workstation Solution is stacked vertically in blade chassis cabinets and several dozen can be placed in a standard 19" wide server rack.

New Fujitsu optical head promises terabit per square inch recording

Fujitsui has developed a new optical drive element that could one day achieve one terabit per square inch recording. The element is for thermally assisted magnetic drives and helps focus heat onto a hard drive platter so that a magnetic head can record more data. The new head element, along with perpendicular recording technology, will help hard drive companies increase capacities.

Vista, Office launch hits Nasdaq

New York (NY) - Today at its stock trading home, the Nasdaq building, Microsoft cut the ribbon on the anticipated updates to Windows XP and Office 2003 as the business versions of Vista and Office 2007 made their official debut today. Impressions from the Windows Vista launch in New York ...

AMD demonstrates first native quad-core CPU

Berkeley (CA) - Intel was first out of the gate with a quad-core processor, AMD will offer the first native quad-core chip - four processors that are integrated in one piece of silicon. The company today offered a first glimpse at a 4-way, quad-core Opteron processor system during its annual analyst conference.

Ibuypower announces sub-$2000 Quad FX system

Chicago (IL) - Ibuypower was one of the first system builders to offer AMD's new Quad FX platform, previously code-named 4x4. The basic configuration of the computer runs for less than $2000 and includes two FX-70 processors, a 500 watt power supply, 512 MB of memory one Geforce 6600 graphics card and an 80 GB hard drive. A look at AMD's Quad FX platform ...

AMD launches 4x4 platform Quad FX

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD today announced availability of its four-core platform knows as ""4x4."" Called Quad FX, the technology represents the new flagship enthusiast platform from AMD, but it isn't quite the Core 2 Quad beater many expected. It is much more a cutting edge workstation platform - with all advantages and disadvantages. A look at AMD's Quad FX platform ...

Scientists publish details about antique computer

The mystery over the purpose of a sophisticated geared "calculator" built in the 2nd century BC has finally been solved.

Google Answers axed

Inquisitive Internet users will no longer be able to ask new questions on Google Answers, as the search giant announced on its blog that the online Q&A service is officially canned.