Avid rolls out Softimage XSI 6

Avid today released a new version of its 3D animation and character creation software Softimage.

Samsung develops 1/4" 3-megapixel CMOS image sensor for ultra slim camera phones

Samsung Electronics has announced its 3-megapixel CMOS image sensor (CIS) with a 1/4" lens aperture for ultra slim camera phones.

Analyst Opinion: Apple is not real

You had to have your web browser on speed dial to keep up with Apple news in the past week: Contradicting and quite controversial reports made headlines, surprising with crashing iTunes sales and alleging that Apple owners are 55 years old, on average. Apple saw little need to refute any of the claims and there is a simple reason: Apple does not care - and doesn't have to.

First look: Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta

Adobe has released a beta version of the next version of its image editing software Photoshop. We've had some time to play with the software and are quite certain that it is one of the most significant updates in Photoshop history.

Production cost of Optimus keyboard expected to be well above $1000

The developers of the forthcoming Color OLED keyboard Optimus 103 are facing higher development and production costs than what was generally estimated.

PowerColor to launch passively cooled X1950 Pro and XT cards

PowerColor and Arctic Cooling will launch in the first quarter of 2007 a solution for PowerColor's X1950 Pro and X1950 XT passive cards, which are claimed to be the fastest passive cards in the world, according to industry sources.

Samsung starts supplying SD cards from December

Being a major advocate of the MultiMediaCard (MMC) format, Samsung Electronics started supplying SecureDigital (SD) cards in finished goods form to memory module makers from December and is not requiring downstream customers to pay the 6% SD licensing fee, according to sources at memory module makers.

TI unveils management chips for multi-cell, Li-ion battery packs

Texas Instruments (TI) has unveiled several new battery management ICs, including its next-generation Impedance Track "gas gauge" chipset, to improve battery performance and protect multi-cell, lithium-based battery packs used in notebooks and other systems.

Intel silently revs Core 2 Duo CPUs

Intel has silently improved its Core 2 Duo line-up.

800 MHz enough to run Vista, says Microsoft

Microsoft has an answer for all those who have been wondering whether to buy a new computer or upgrade the hardware for Windows Vista. The company has posted the minimum requirements for Windows Vista, and there is a good chance that your four or five year old PC can run Vista.

Opinion: Can AMD reinvent the microprocessor?

Groundbreaking developments in the microprocessor space typically come along once a decade. Think about the Gigahertz race in the late 90s and the multi-core trend started last year. AMD is now convinced that multi-core may be a short-lived era and shifts towards what it calls "APUs." But: is it really a breakaway from multi-core and can AMD establish a new type of CPU all by itself?

Lightscribe CD disc labeling now available in five colors

Hewlett-Packard today announced the availability of color Lightscribe CDs, which join the plain grey etching on a gold background. The labeling is still a monochromatic process, but can now be applied to discs with red, orange, yellow, blue and green backgrounds.

Hynix introduces 60nm made DDR2 800 MHz modules

Hynix Semiconductor today introduced a family of components and high capacity modules based on its 60 nm-made 1 Gbit DDR2 DRAM chips.

XFX releases 630 MHz, triple-x Geforce 8800 graphics card

Graphics card vendor XFX today announced its first two overclocked add-in cards.

Microsoft updates Vista in latest piracy crackdown

Microsoft released an update to Windows Vista that will shut down unauthorized versions of the OS that allow users to skip the product's activation system.

Adobe to roll out Photoshop CS3 beta

Adobe has announced that it will be releasing a beta version of their upcoming Photoshop CS3 tomorrow. The program will be available for both Mac and Windows computers and should be available in the morning on the Adobe Labs website.

Toshiba, Sony, NEC develop 45 nm production platform

San Francisco (CA) - Toshiba, Sony and NEC announced that the companies have completed the development of a mass-production platform for 45 nm LSI devices.

Dell and Intel rebound in workstation market, says Jon Peddie Research

Despite their dominance, workstation industry leaders Dell and Intel were in a tailspin 12 months ago, both steadily losing ground to their respective rivals Hewlett Packard (HP) and AMD, according to Jon Peddie Research (JPR).

AMD releases Catalyst 6.12 graphics chip driver

AMD's graphics division (formerly ATI) today released what will most likely be the last graphics driver update for this year. Catalyst 6.12 brings DirectX video acceleration for Crossfire configurations as it main update.

Quad-core Xeon E5335 makes early debut

Media reports are in that Intel is ready to release a new quad-core processor, marking yet another new product for Intel this year. The Xeon E5335, which was originally scheduled for a February 2007 release, takes its position as the fifth quad-core processor since Intel first released the Kentsfield/Clovertown cores earlier this autumn.