Intel to retire 90 nm Pentium 4 600 processors

Intel informed system builders that it is phasing out its remaining three 90 nm Pentium 4 600-series processors.

Intel aims for one million quad-core processors by mid-2007

The production volume of Intel's quad-core processors is still very limited, but the company hopes to deliver a total of one million Kentsfield and Clovertown processors by the time AMD announces its first processor with four cores.

Alienware announces desktop PC with Intel's latest quad-core processor

Alienware said it "will" launch Intel's second quad-core desktop processor, the 2.4 GHz Core 2 Quad Q6600, on its Area-51 7500 desktop system.

SGI to offer Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 on Altix systems

SGI today announced that it will offer Microsoft's Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 on its Altix XE cluster systems based on quad-core and dual-core Intel Xeon processors. The software will be made available beginning in March of this year.

Matrox unveils DualHead2Go Digital Edition external multi-display upgrade for PCs

Matrox Graphics has announced its DualHead2Go Digital Edition external multi-display upgrade device featuring digital outputs.

Nvidia taps into Windows SideShow

Nvidia announced the latest version of its Preface Personal Media Display platform, a secondary processor and display subsystem that enables users to access information from their notebook or PC when the main system is powered down.

Ritek 32 GB solid-state drives coming in Q2

In addition to being one of the top-two optical disc makers in Taiwan, Ritek has extended its presence to the memory business through its RiDATA-branded memory cards and the company is now preparing for volume shipments of its first NAND flash-based solid-state drive (SSD) in the second quarter of 2007, according to company IA planning division manager Richard Lin.

2008 Infiniti QX gets a hard drive-based nav and sound system

Infiniti announced its second car that will use a 2.5" hard drive to store digital music. The firm's refreshed SUV monster, the QX model, will offer a hard drive as storage unit for digital music as standard equipment for the 2008 model year, which will go on sale in April.

Patch issued for WMF vulnerability

A patch has been released for a vulnerability in the productivity suite, a problem rated as "highly critical".

Security bug found in PDF reader

Web users are being urged to upgrade their Adobe reader software as a security flaw is found in older versions of the program.

Shuttle announces XPC mini X 200 media center series

Shuttle recently announced its Shuttle XPC mini X 200 series small form factor (SFF) PC computers. Similar to models of the X 100 series, the computers measure only 55-mm in height and barely takes up the size of an A4 sheet of paper, according to the company.

Seagate to release 1 TB hard drive in H1 2007

Seagate has reacted to rumors that the company may be showing a 1 TB version of its Barracuda 3.5" desktop hard drive at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Roxio pumps out RecordNow 9 music software

Roxio, subsidiary of Sonic Solutions, today announced the latest version of its RecordNow CD/DVD burner software. The new software adds a handful of features for music editing and management.

NEC intros solar-powered monitor battery

Making an early mark in the green electronics market for the new year, NEC today announced the availability of a solar-powered system that uses energy from the sun with a reduced amount of regular electricity, and is compatible with the entire line of its desktop monitors.

Thermaltake launches Purepower RX series power supplies with 140 mm fan

Thermaltake Technology announced the launched of its new line of Purepower RX series ultra-low noise power supplies incorporating the ultra-silent 140 mm fan found on Thermaltake's high-end Toughpower Series power supplies.

First OEM holographic storage systems on the way

Longmont (CO) - Having shipped an apparently small number of holographic storage systems in late 2006 and in the first days of 2007, Inphase today said that it has signed Germany-based DSM as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of its Tapestry drives.

Samsung readies flash memory for 32 GB solid state disk

Seoul (Korea) - Samsung said that it has begun sampling of 50 nm NAND flash memory chips that are required to build the long announced 32 GB 2.5" solid state disk (SSD). The flash drive is expected to replace traditional hard drives in higher end notebooks and offer significant advantages in data transfer rates as well as power consumption.

Diamond ships PC HDTV tuner

PC component manufacturer Diamond Multimedia today announced that it has begun shipping the HDTV100, a USB PC TV tuner that can receive HD signals, in addition to UHF/VHF and analog cable channels.

Sparkle overclocks Nvidia's 8800 graphics chips

Chicago (IL) - Graphics card vendor Sparkle today said that it has released the "world's first overclocked Geforce 8800 GTX and GTS graphics cards." Compared to the specifications of Nvidia's reference card with core clocks of 575 MHz (GTX) and 500 MHz (GTS) as well as memory clocks of 1800 MHz (GTX) and 1600 MHz (GTS), the Sparkle cards arrive with 630 MHz and 560 MHz cores and 1960 MHz and 1720 MHz memory. Pricing has not been announced.

New Year worm disguised in celebratory e-mail

As much of a sign of the new year as the big ball in New York City is the sighting of the first spread of a computer worm. In this case, it hit users in the form of an e-mail with the subject line "Happy New Year!"