Shuttle launches quad-core SFF workstations

Small Form factor PC company Shuttle announced the availability of the XPC P2 3700w line of high performance workstations, becoming the company's first set of products to include quad-core technology.

AMD releases new Imageon media processors for cellphones

AMD introduced three new media processors that promise to enhance the graphics and video capability of cellphones.

TI’s OMAP 3 processor plays 720p HD video

Barcelona (Spain) – Texas Instruments (TI) has added three new processors to its handheld application processor lineup. On the high-end, the company now offers a platform that decodes high-definition video, supports 12 megapixel digital cameras and can play Shader Model 3-based video games.

Micron bundles mobile DRAM and NAND flash

Micron will begin offering memory solutions for cellphones that combine DRAM and NAND flash memory in one package.

Sandisk puts 4 GB into your cellphone

Barcelona (Spain) – Flash memory cards reach the next stage with finger nail-sized MicroSDHC cards hitting the 4 GB mark. If you really want to, you soon can store about 1000 MP3 tracks on your cellphone and you do not necessarily need Nokia’s N91 hard drive phone to do so. Sandisk today said that it will begin offering a 4 GB MicroSDHC card later this year.

Sandisk announces microSD-miniSD-SD combo packs

At the 3GSM World Conference in Spain, Sandisk introduced a new SD card product that will be making its way to the US next month. The new microSD Multi SD Kit includes a a microSD card that comes with both a miniSD and standard SD card adapters.

Nvidia intros 320 MB 8800 GTS model

Nvidia today announced a new version of its 8800 series of graphics cards.

Intel squeezes 1.8 TFlops out of one processor

San Francisco (CA) - Intel today revealed more details about its 80-core research CPU, which likely is the most powerful floating point engine built to date. 200 of these processors achieve the same floating point performance as today's most powerful supercomputer. But don't get excited just yet: The CPU won't come to market and the number of cores isn't everything to future CPU design, Intel said.

AMD puts Barcelona quad-core into the spotlight at ISSCC

AMD unwrapped a few more details about its upcoming quad-core server and workstation processor "Barcelona" at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).

Analysis: Vista's Ready Boost is no match for RAM

There's a new way to enhance your cache in Vista - simply plug in your Flash memory stick. But how much performance gain can you really expect? TG Daily ran an average PC through a benchmark parcours and discovered that the old rules still apply: There is no substitute for an adequate amount of system memory. Period.

AMD refreshes Opteron lineup, promises fast quad-core chip

AMD today announced a range of new socket AM2- and socket F-based Opteron processors.

P.A. Semi challenges AMD, IBM and Intel in power efficiency

P.A. semi, a fabless chip design company today said that its debut processor has entered the sampling phase and is shipping in small numbers to customers. The company claims that the 2 GHz dual-core processor is four to five times more power efficient than any other processor in its class.

Seagate sails past 15-million milestone in PMR shipments

Seagate claims to be the first hard drive manufacturer to have shipped more than 15 million hard drives that are using perpendicular magnetic recording technology (PMR).

The ultimate Vista gadget: A keyboard?

We can think of a million and one ways how to pamper your new Vista PC, but a keyboard would not have been on the top of our list. Microsoft's wireless Desktop 7000 is a visual stunner that goes along well with the Vista design theme. Here's a first look at what is easily one of the most attractive keyboard/mouse combinations on the market today.

25 minutes to boot - Geek Squad warns of Vista first bootup times

Some early Vista users and even experienced technical support personnel are experiencing installation problems with Microsoft's newest operating system. Geek Squad employees at local Best Buy stores are handing store customers a paper "Public Service Announcement", warning of long waits during the first boot-up times.

Seagate to ship 10 GB wireless hard drive for cellphones in Q2

Seagate today confirmed that it will be jumping into the wireless storage market by introducing an external hard drive in the second quarter of this year.

Alienware announces Vista overhaul

Alienware, a specialty maker of top-end gaming PCs, has thrown its hat into the big Vista ring, now offering the new operating system on its compatible PCs as part of the large-scale Vista launch.

Dell starts selling Vista-equipped computers

Dell has wasted no time selling Microsoft's newest operating system and has been including Vista on most computer orders since Saturday.

Velocity Micro releases Blu-ray Media Center PC box

Enthusiast PC maker chimed in the general Vista launch activities with one of the more interesting hardware products. The company released, according to our knowledge, the first Vista-based set-top media center PCs with an optional Blu-ray writer.

AMD releases Windows Vista graphics driver for ATI cards

ATI has posted the final version of its first Windows Vista certified graphics driver on its website. Catalyst 7.1 promises a broad range of features supporting the new Vista Driver Model.