Analysis: AMD mainstream CPU prices hit record lows in U.S. retail

Columbus (OH) - Following a later than expected launch of the Athlon 64 X2 5600+ and 6000+ processors, prices of AMD’s mainstream CPUs have dropped to levels lower than we've seen over the past 21 weeks. AMD is in a critical phase where it needs to stabilize its processor prices and maintain competitiveness with Intel at the same time. Consumers are benefiting from a competition that is still heating up.

Samsung announces mass production of 60 nm DRAM

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has begun mass producing DRAM modules with 60 nanometer technology.

Intel upgrades entry-level Core 2 Duo chipset

Intel will be offering a slightly upgraded version of its 945GC integrated graphics chipset for Core 2 Duo, Pentium D and Pentium 4 HT processors beginning in early April of this year.

AMD challenges Intel with its first integrated graphics chipset

AMD today announced its RS690 chipset which is not only AMD’s first-ever integrated graphics chipset solution, but also the first product that takes advantage of technologies from both AMD and ATI. The 690 will attack Intel’s dominance in the high-volume mainstream market of desktop PCs and position the chipset as a product that is superior to Nvidia chipsets.

Legacy rolls out certified 4 GB FB-DIMMs

Legacy Electronics is offering a 4 GB DDR2-667 fully buffered dual in-line memory module (FB-DIMM) with certification for Intel chipsets and Computer Memory Test Labs (CMTL) requirements.

PCI Express now in all PCs and x86 servers

The PCI Express interface has been quickly adopted by the computer industry with "virtually all" PCs and x86 servers now integrating the technology, according to In-Stat.

Adtron to offer 160 GB 2.5" flash drive

Adtron last week announced that it will begin offering what will be the largest solid-state disk (SSD) drive on the market - matching the capacity of the upcoming mainstream hard drive capacity in notebooks. Unfortunately, the drive will be priced well out of consumer reach.

Intel Crestline chipset will run DirectX 10

Intel is currently finalizing its new notebook platform, code-named "Santa Rosa." Sources told TG Daily that the platform is on track for a May release and it looks like that it will come with a quite capable graphics engine. We hear that the Crestline chipset, core of Santa Rosa, will be DirectX 10 compatible.

Samsung accelerates graphics memory to 2000 MHz

The Gigahertz race may be over in the microprocessor space, but its is alive and kicking in the memory segment. Samsung today announces a 66% speed boost for high end graphics memory, which is expected to debut in enthusiast graphics cards later this year.

AMD delays R600 graphics chip

Culver City (CA) - AMD's long awaited ATI R600 graphics chip is getting delayed and is now expected to be available in May. The card was scheduled to be released in March and would have given Nvidia's 8800 line of cards a run for their money. According to leaked documents, the ATi card will be released in two sizes, a massive 12-inch long card for system integrators and a shorter 9-inch card for channel partners. As you can imagine, the card is going to use quite a bit of electricity, in the neighborhood of 200 to 300 watts.

Kingston ships 4 GB performance memory kits

Kingston has announced an improved version of its 800 MHz HyperX memory.

OCZ unveils flashy "Reaper" performance memory

Sunnyvale (CA) - OCZ today announced a new memory module that follows the recent trend of more visible cooling methods. The new "Reaper" modules come with a fin-array heatspreader that is connected to the main heatspreader of the module via a copper heatpipe.  

WD rolls out networked hard drives

Growing video and music collections are slowly opening a few business opportunity for hard drive manufacturers: Shared storage devices allow consumers to access their digital content via an Internet connection from anywhere in the world: WD joins the bandwagon with a 1 TB new network storage solution for consumers.

Samsung to show USB LCD at Cebit

Samsung will unveil a new LCD that can be connected to a PC via an integrated USB port.

Intel to prevent overheating laptops with light

HyperColor lives! Intel plans on fighting overheating laptops with little bit of light and color-changing material.

AMD releases new consumer flagship processor X2 6000+

A few months late, AMD today fired up the latest and likely last performance stage for its 90 nm Athlon 64 X2 processor with Windsor core. The new 6000+ model is clocked at 3 GHz and represents a consumer-focused socket AM2 version of the FX-74 enthusiast processor that is based on the socket 1207FX.

Nvidia activates a supercomputer in your PC

Santa Clara (CA) – What does it take to transform your PC into a teraflop supercomputer? It may be less than you think – two graphics cards and programming know-how are enough to push your desktop PC’s performance into a range that required 10,000 processors a decade ago.

Experts doubt quantum computer's authenticity

D-Wave's quantum computer demonstration this week has generated lots of buzz, but some experts doubt demo's authenticity.

OCZ expands into peripherals, offers gaming mouse

Sunnyvale (CA) – Performance memory maker OCZ is moving beyond its core business of gaming memory and power supply units. Following the recent introduction of a high-end graphics card, the company today announced a gaming mouse with a “triple-threat-button.” In online gaming, it’s all about getting every advantage you get to knock out your competitors. OCZ says that its debut gaming mouse has at least two features that will provide gamers an edge on high-resolution screens and first-person shooters.  

Plextor announces pocket-sized DVD burner

Chicago (IL) - Plextor today announced the availability of a new compact DVD burner to date.  The PX-608CU is less than 16 millimeters thick and weighs about 0.5 pounds. The external drive, which supports both formats of bland DVDs and can write at speeds of up to 8x for a single-layer disc, is USB bus-powered and comes with an AC adapter for use with a computer that cannot meet the power requirements.