XFX debuts motherboards for Intel FSB1333 processors

Ontario (CA) - XFX today announced a new series of motherboards based on Nvidia’s nForce 600i series chipset for Intel processors.

Intel to build $2.5 billion chip plant in China

Intel has confirmed that it is to build a $2.5 billion wafer fabrication facility in China which is set to manufacture its first chips by early 2010.

AMD dual-core processors scratching $100 mark

Columbus (OH) - This week marks the 25th week since we began looking at processor pricing back in October.  We've seen an unprecedented erosion of CPU pricing over this time frame and there’s more news this week: AMD’s X2 processors have arrived in the entry-level arena of processor prices.

Oxygen generator responsible for British submarine accident

An explosion aboard a Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarine at 0420 GMT yesterday which left two sailors dead and a third injured was caused by an oxygen "candle", US and British military sources have conformed.

Airbus A380 makes a perfect landing at LAX

The world's largest passenger airplane, the Airbus A380, made a perfect landing at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday.

Data centers can reduce fire risk by sucking out oxygen

Data centers can reduce the risk of a fire by reducing the amount of oxygen in the air.

Intel answers rumors of Core 2 Quad price cut... sorta

The Internet is abuzz with rumors of a massive price cut in Intel's Core 2 Quad processor later this year and Intel's Dan Snyder gave us Intel's answer...

Intel's Robson gets a real name: Turbo Memory

Hannover (Germany) - Intel revealed more news about its upcoming flash cache technology. Code-named "Robson", the add-in card is now officially called "Turbo Memory" and promises to accelerate application startups on notebooks. Intel is taking it slow at this year's Cebit, at least from the view of product announcements made so far.

Intel set to launch Bearlake FSB1333 chipset at Cebit

While Intel has remained quiet in public about a possible introduction of a refreshed Core 2 Duo platform, first motherboards that support the faster front side bus FSB1333, the upcoming 45 nm processor Penryn and provide the technology foundation for DDR3 memory have surfaced at the Cebit tradeshow.

Sandisk announces $350 flash hard drive

Want to upgrade your notebook PC? If it is not capacity, but it is performance you are interested in, then Sandisk should soon have an option that could make you think twice:

Intel enters the flash drive business

Intel has entered the flash drive business by announcing its Z-U130 flash drive.

Did Intel rig its integrated graphics chip demo against AMD?

San Francisco (CA) - Intel's demonstration of its G965 integrated graphics chip at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose was impressive, but was it a true comparison against AMD's discrete graphics cards? Now AMD is claiming that the test of video playback against the company's ATI discrete X1600 graphics card could have been misconfigured.

Analyst opinion: Putting the “Lust” back into a performance PC

Rob Enderle is wondering why we have 1000-horsepower cars on the street and aren’t shy showing off the performance of supercars, while we are hiding the performance of modern PCs under our desks. Why is it that PCs have to be boring and how would a Bugatti PC look like? Share your opinion with us!

Matrox announces triple-display box with DVI interfaces

Matrox will be shipping a new version of its TripleHead2Go device, which enables users to connect up to three monitors to one graphics port. The new “Digital Edition” integrates DVI interfaces and offers a new feature that smoothes transitions between multiple screens.

Micron announces HD image sensors for digicams, camcorders

Your next digital camera could be recording video in high-definition: Micron today said that it is sampling a 5 megapixel CMOS image senor that can record video in 720p resolution at 60 fps.

Intel to improve video, vertex shading in its IGCs

Intel is trying to convince entry-level gamers to accept integrated graphics with a new hardware vertex shader for its G965 graphics chip. At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the company showed off some demos of popular first person shooters on the chip and also challenged journalists to pick out the integrated graphics-powered computer against a computer running a discrete card.

Samsung ships first hybrid hard drive

Samsung has begun shipping what the company claims is the first hybrid hard drive on the market. The new MH80 series is making its way to “select OEM customers” and will be available in retail outlets soon, the manufacturer said.

Fujitsu intros first 2.5” 7200 rpm hard drive with SATA 2.5 interface

Tokyo (Japan) – Fujitsu today announced the first 7200 rpm notebook hard drives that come with a 3.0 Gb/s Serial ATA 2.5 interface, as opposed to the widely available 1.5 Gb/s port. The new MHW2 BJ series drives effectively double the maximum data throughput from 150 MB/s to 300 MB/s. According to the manufacturer, the platters of the drives, which are available in 80 GB, 120 GB and 160 GB capacities, spin with 7200 rpm and enable a read seek time of 10.5 ms and a write seek time of 12.5 ms.  

Nvidia introduces two high-end workstation graphics cards

Are you a CAD or raytracing professional with several thousand dollars to burn? If so then Nvidia has two brand new Quadro cards for you.

SATA revision 2.6 addresses SFF PC and UMPC needs

The Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) has posted a revision of the SATA specification, which includes enhancements for native command queuing and small form factor environments.