Opteron vs. Xeon performance battle goes into the next round

AMD today released new performance benchmark results for its fastest Opteron processors and reclaims the performance crown in the 2P dual-core arena. While these specific numbers are on AMD’s side, it really depends on your view, which company has the fastest 2P processor: Intel points to its quad-core CPU and says nothing has changed in the performance arena.

Update: Apple Mac Pro gets a special Clovertown processor

Cupertino (CA) – When four cores are not enough, then there is now the option to equip Apple’s Mac Pro dual-socket desktop system with two limited production quad-core processors. Of course, the privilege of owning an eight-core Apple, especially with a processor that isn’t part of Intel’s volume product portfolio yet, doesn’t come cheap.

Samsung launches SpinPoint S166 HDD series

Samsung Electronics has announced its new SpinPoint S166 series of silent and high-speed hard disk drives (HDDs).

Philips Lumileds claims smallest, brightest power LED

Philips Lumileds recently announced the immediate availability of its Luxeon Rebel power LED, which is 3×4.5mm with a foot print area 75% smaller than other surface mount power LEDs.

Spansion launches MirrorBit Eclipse architecture

Spansion has unveiled its MirrorBit Eclipse architecture that combines MirrorBit NOR, ORNAND and Quad flash memory on a single die.

OCZ accelerates Reaper memory to 1150 MHz

Sunnyvale (CA) – Performance memory maker today announced an upgraded version of its “Reaper” memory, which comes with an attached heatpipe cooling system. The new PC-9200 modules increase the clock speed of the previously announced PC-8500 memory from 1066 to 1150 MHz. The external, fin-array heatspreader that is connected to the memory module via a heatpipe remains unchanged. The same goes for timings, which are 5-5-5.

Transcend announces 16 GB ‘solid state disk’

Taipei (Taiwan) – Transcend is jumping on flash hard drive bandwagon and today announced a 16 GB version of its Express Card series that now carries a ‘solid state disk’ label.

Santa Rosa platform to hit shelves in H1 May, says DRAMeXchange

According to the current product planning of vendors, if all goes as scheduled, Intel's next generation notebook platform, Santa Rosa, is set to hit product shelves in the first half of May, according to DRAMeXchange, which noted that from the timetable, both the shipments of full system and barebone notebooks will be a major focus of PC ODMs at the end of April.

Optimus keyboard delayed until December 2007

Art Lebedev, the Russian design studio behind the Optimus OLED keyboard, said that it likely will not ship its first keyboards before December of this year.

Logitech preps “Wave” keyboard

Chicago (IL) – Logitech recently has received FCC approval for a new wireless keyboard/mouse combination called “Cordless Desktop Wave”.The new device will be Logitech’s first keyboard tailored for use with Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system. Compared to the currently available “Cordless Desktop Comfort laser” keyboard, there are now a few dedicated buttons that directly correspond to Vista features.

Intel to augment 1-way server lineup in third quarter

Intel plans to strengthen its 1-way server lineup with the addition of new processors along with price cuts for existing products in the third quarter 2007.

AMD announces availability of AMD M690 chipset

AMD on March 29 announced the availability of its M690 chipset for its Turion64 X2 dual-core mobile CPUs.

Quo vadis, Nvidia?

Have you ever wondered how AMD’s ATI acquisition and the battle for the mainstream customer in the CPU and GPU markets would impact Nvidia? We did and spent some time with the company to learn about how the company perceives its challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing graphics market. Will Nvidia be squeezed out of the GPU market or grow even stronger than it is today?

Other AMD dual-cores follow price downswing

Columbus (OH) - Last week, we saw prices of a handful of AMD dual-core processors falling to near-$100 levels. This time around, a couple major price decreases led other X2 processors heading down the same path. Last week, the 3800+, 4200+, and 4600+ all saw fairly significant price drops on online stores. This week saw no major changes to these products, but the processors surrounding them in the performance scale began catching up.

Dell to roll out Linux on future computers

After requests, rumors, and unofficial announcements, Dell officially announced that it will begin offering Linux on select desktop and notebook PCs.

Intel develops integrated memory controller for Nehalem processors

Santa Clara (CA) – Just a few weeks ahead of its developer forum in Beijing, Intel has provided an update on the 45 nm Penryn processor family as well as the successor of the first generation Core architecture, which goes by the code-name “Nehalem.” The big news is the Intel will depart from the traditional front side bus and integrate the memory controller into the CPU.

Gateway announces SFF PC

Irvine (CA) - Gateway today announced a new Small Form Factor (SFF) desktop computer targeted at education, government, and business customers.The E-2610 contains an Intel 945 chipset, support for Intel Core 2 Duo dual-core processors, and is optimized for Windows Vista.  Gateway offers the PC with three BTX case options, which it says help to efficiently cool the PC.

Sun puts AMD Opteron processors into Netra server line

Sun today introduced a new member in its Netra server family: For the first time, the company offers an AMD Opteron CPU in a carrier-grade blade-server.

Samsung unveils 1.8” 64 GB flash hard drive

Is there a flash hard drive in your future? If you have been thinking about replacing your good old hard drive with a solid state device, but have been turned down by price (or lack of availability), you soon may have a few options: Samsung today unveiled a 64 GB drive – which indicates that capacities are rising quickly and prices may be dropping at a similar pace.

Samsung unveils 8.4 megapixel sensor for cell phones

Samsung has developed what it claims is the world's smallest 8.4 megapixel image sensor, increasing the maximum resolution for digital cameras in mobile phones.