Art Lebedev publishes animation of LED keys

If you are following the development of Art Lebedev’s OLED keyboard, then here is a new piece of information. The company published a brief animation that shows four OLED keys from different viewing angles.

Intel phases out three Xeon processors

Intel has notified system vendors that it will be phasing out three Netburst architecture-based Xeon processors.

Micron adds anti-shake function to camera SoC

Micron Technology has developed an anti-shake feature which it will incorporate into a 3-megapixel system-on-chip (SoC) camera suitable for handsets, webcams and PDAs.

Fujitsu spurns small hard drives, goes solid state

Fujitsu is betting everything on solid-state drives and is stopping development of small 1.8-inch magnetic drives.

HP announces 50 ppm color printer

Hewlett-Packard (HP) this morning announced two enterprise multi function printers (MFP) that are capable of cranking out up to 50 pages per minute (ppm) in color – or 60 ppm in black and white.

Samsung rolls out 160 GB 2.5" single-disk drive

Samsung has announced a 2.5-inch form-factor drive with 160 GB of capacity.

Sun CEO shows first pictures of new 16-core Sparc processor

Jonathan Schwartz, chief executive officer of Sun, published the first pictures of Sun’s upcoming Ultra Sparc processor, code-named “Rock”. The new processor apparently is taking its first steps in initial tests and Schwartz claims that prototype chips “are running billions of instructions already.”

Analysis: AMD loses dominance in U.S. retail channel to Intel

Yesterday, AMD issued a surprising revenue warning and said that especially the resale channel turned sour during Q1. Today, TG Daily learned that AMD’s market share in U.S. desktop retail dropped significantly and handed the majority of the market - which AMD had held for five subsequent quarters - to its rival. Is AMD in trouble?

NEC develops super bright 2.7” TFT LCD

NEC said it has developed a new LCD for portable devices that achieves a brightness of 550 cd/m2, which is 2.75x the brightness of a comparable conventional small form factor display.

Dell to introduce 19-inch widescreen monitor

Dell will have its OEM manufacturers in Taiwan volume produce 19-inch widescreen LCD monitors in April, as the popularity of the segment is growing fast in the market, according to industry sources.

Spansion samples 128Mb MirrorBit SPI flash in 104MHz frequency

Spansion announced its latest MirrorBit supports serial peripheral interface (SPI) family member, the 90nm-made 128Mbit MirrorBit flash at 104MHz frequency (part number S25FL128P) with sampling already started.

TSMC expects to enter 45nm production in September

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) today announced that it would complete 45nm technology qualification and enter production as early as September 2007.

VIA says reports on Intel chipset licensing just rumors

VIA, in response to recent reports from media in Taiwan concerning a chipset licensing deal with Intel, on April 7 stated that the reports are based on rumors and that the company would not comment further on them.

Intel intros new flagship desktop CPU QX6800

Intel introduced a new quad-core enthusiast processor to bolster its product line for high-performance computers. The new QX6800 CPU increases the clock speed to 2.93 GHz and lifts the price of an Intel enthusiast CPU to a new record level.

AMD and Intel: The battle for processor price segments

Columbus (OH) – 2006 brought earth-shattering changes in the processor market with a competition we haven’t seen in many years. Prices have eroded much faster than in the years before. If you have been following our price/performance charts, it is no secret to you the competition between AMD and Intel in the retail market is reaching new heights almost every week. Time to recap what happened in the past half year and check which manufacturer focused on which segment.

Intel quietly launches first Core 2 Duo ULV processors

Intel has added two ultra low voltage versions of its Core 2 Duo processor with Merom core to its product portfolio.

Opteron vs. Xeon performance battle goes into the next round

AMD today released new performance benchmark results for its fastest Opteron processors and reclaims the performance crown in the 2P dual-core arena. While these specific numbers are on AMD’s side, it really depends on your view, which company has the fastest 2P processor: Intel points to its quad-core CPU and says nothing has changed in the performance arena.

Update: Apple Mac Pro gets a special Clovertown processor

Cupertino (CA) – When four cores are not enough, then there is now the option to equip Apple’s Mac Pro dual-socket desktop system with two limited production quad-core processors. Of course, the privilege of owning an eight-core Apple, especially with a processor that isn’t part of Intel’s volume product portfolio yet, doesn’t come cheap.

Samsung launches SpinPoint S166 HDD series

Samsung Electronics has announced its new SpinPoint S166 series of silent and high-speed hard disk drives (HDDs).

Philips Lumileds claims smallest, brightest power LED

Philips Lumileds recently announced the immediate availability of its Luxeon Rebel power LED, which is 3×4.5mm with a foot print area 75% smaller than other surface mount power LEDs.