AMD: Manufacturing alone not critical to product success

Investors and shareholders questioned the competitiveness of AMD’s current semiconductor manufacturing technology as well as the firm’s information policy about upcoming products during a shareholder meeting yesterday.

Micron introduces 78 nm-made DDR2-1066

Intel claims 2-year lead over AMD’s 45nm CPUs

New York (NY) – Intel is betting large parts of its business for the next two years on its upcoming 45 nm process technology. At an analyst meeting today in New York, the company updated its vision on how to “return to innovation” and showed confidence that its 45 nm technology is “18 to 24 months ahead of the competition.”  

AMD preps 65 nm Turion X2 processors

AMD today announced a much needed refresh of its first-generation dual-core notebook processor.

Intel to offer mid- and high-end processors for 2-way ECPD blade servers

Apple confirms first LED-based Macs coming in 2007

Sun boots Solaris on 16-core Sparc processor

Sun Microsystems said that it has successfully booted Solaris 10 on an upcoming 16-core UltraSparc processor code-named “Rock”.

OLED keyboard to sell for $1564

Russian design studio Art Lebedev has an idea for your Christmas wishlist.

Nvidia unveils $830 GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics card

Santa Clara (CA) – Nvidia isn’t sitting still as AMD is preparing to reclaim the performance crown for graphics cards later this month. The company plans to crash AMD’s R600 party with a new high-end version of its 8800 series graphics processor.   GeForce 8800 GTS and GTX cards in pictures ...  

Asustek leads motherboard makers in Q1 EPS

Mitsubishi announces 42" LCD monitor for commercial video display

Quad-core PCs starting to play with mainstream market

Irvine (CA) – Gateway today announced one of the first quad-core PCs to become available in retail stores across the country. The systems are still carrying lofty price tags, but are substantially cheaper than the enthusiast quad-core PCs that have been available so far.   Gateway's FX desktop computer in detail ...  

Hynix receives DDR3 validation from Intel

Hynix Semiconductor today announced it has received validation on its DDR3 memory components and modules from Intel.

AMD’s Torrenza evolves into first real world applications

It has been about eleven months since AMD has revealed its Torrenza initiative, an effort to open up its hardware and encourage third parties to build secondary components, such as accelerators, around the firm’s processors.  We haven’t heard much in the past months, but AMD says that Torrenza isn’t just a vision anymore.

Intel pushes Q6600 quad-core CPU into 95 watt systems

Intel has informed its customers that the Core 2 Quad Q6600 desktop quad-core processor as well as the Xeon X3220 and X3210 server quad-core CPUs have been transitioned to a new stepping, which will allow customers to integrate the processors in computer systems using lower power flexible motherboards (FMB).

'One Laptop Per Child' price jumps from $100 to $175

The "One Laptop Per Child" (OLPC) initiative planned to give notebooks computers to children at a $100 price tag, but that was apparently a little bit too cheap.

Rumors about 45 nm Core 2 Duo production begin to fly

Intel is gearing up for its next-generation micro-processors. And we hear that Intel may be much closer to be releasing its 45 nm processors, code-named "Penryn", to production than we previously thought: Expect reviews and benchmarks of Penryn to surface early in Q3 of this year. Extra: Slideshow

Hitachi ships terabyte hard drive

Meeting its scheduled Q1 2007 launch, Hitachi announced that it has begun shipping the Deskstar 7K1000, the company's first commercially available 1 TB hard disk drive.

Nvidia denies it is to launch own-brand motherboards

Nvidia announces new Quadro Plex VCS