Toshiba develops new 3D NAND flash technology

UMC and TI collaborating on 45 nm and 32 nm processes

Tessera unveils technology to produce tiny wafer-level digital cameras

San Jose (CA) – Tessera, an IP company specialized on semiconductor packaging technologies, introduced a wafer-level digital camera, which is about half the size as today’s digital cameras that are integrated into mobile devices such as cellphones.

AMD announces it has begun shipping Radeon HD 2400 and 2600 GPUs to customers

DRAM makers offering more of their chips in eTT form

Freescale claims world's thinnest 3-axis accelerometer

Diamond preps 1 GB Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics card

Chatsworth (CA) – Diamond Multimedia will begin offering a Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics card that offers twice the GDDR4 memory of standard 2900 XT cards on June 14.  

AMD’s OSRC takes first steps to speed up software with new hardware

AMD is celebrating the 1-year anniversary of its Operating System Research Center (OSRC) in Dresden, Germany. The unit has been put in place to bridge real gaps seen between the software and hardware communities - and to help AMD produce better software and hardware solutions for operating system vendors. Here’s a quick look of what has happened in the OSRC’s first year.

Dell PCs (mostly) cheaper at Wal-Mart than online

More than 3300 Wal-Mart stores will be putting Dell desktop PCs on their shelves this weekend. The computers will be available from $500 – and differ in price from what Dell charges through its website.

Intel CEO: Silverthorne most important product since the introduction of the Pentium processor

Chicago (IL) – In an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) Intel chief executive officer Paul Otellini compared the importance of its upcoming mobile processor “Silverthorne” with the company’s original 8088 CPU and the 1994 Pentium processor.

Intel mobile devices to get Peppered with Linux support

Pepper Computer announced this week that it will launch Pepper Linux for mobile Internet devices to OEMs later this year.

Ricoh introduces sub-$400 color laser printer

Ricoh today introduced a new desktop color laser printed that will compete in the increasingly popular segment of $400 devices.

Computex Wars: AMD vs. Intel vs. VIA - and some unexpected implications

Analyst Opinion - At Computex this week we saw a new round of the battle of CPU manufacturers: Intel came out swinging hard, which further validated AMD’s ATI acquisition strategy. But AMD may have to make more tough decisions, including taking the company private. VIA also had a series of announcements, but I am starting to wonder if they are even relevant anymore.

Qimonda reiterates it will jump directly to GDDR5

ECS showcases its data recovery motherboard

Computex Day 3 Slideshows: SSDs, wood laptops and quad-core SFF PCs

This year’s Computex technology convention in Taipei is proving to be the year of the flash drive with several companies offering SSDs, DDR3 and huge flash sticks.

Shuttle goes back to barebones with ten new products

Seagate claims highest density 3.5” hard drive

Seagate today announced the first desktop hard drive to store 250 GB on a single platter.

5 GHz overclocking attempt at Computex

Abit and overclocking champion Robert Kihlberg are trying to break the 5 GHz speed barrier on an Intel quad-core chip.

Thermalright’s insane “Heat Sink Case”

We’ve all seen CPU heatsinks get bigger and better, but Thermalright has gone all the way with their aptly named “Heat Sink Case”.