Intel to speed up introduction of FSB1333 CPUs

Nvidia to launch MCP 78 chipset in October

Low-cost GeForce 8400GS graphics cards announced

Sanyo Electric develops 22% efficiency solar cell

Nvidia unveils Tesla, moves into supercomputing

Nvidia today announced Tesla, a third product line next to the GeForce and Quadro graphics products. The company aims to use Tesla cards and the massive floating point horsepower of its graphics processors to take over a portion of the lucrative supercomputing market.

Seagate introduces power-saving Cheetah NS enterprise drives

Seagate has spun down its 15k-RPM Cheetah drives and transformed them into bigger and cooler Cheetah NS hard drives.

Alienware offers barebones kit

Samsung intros 20x DVD burner

Samsung announces 1 TB hard drive

Following Hitachi GST, Samsung is the second company to offer a 3.5” hard drive with a capacity of 1 TB. However, Samsung offers 67% more storage density per disk.

AMD: Barcelona still on track for a Q3 announcement

Following rumors that the firm’s quad-core Opteron processor, code-named Barcelona, is facing delays, AMD today said that it has “not changed the guidance” on the CPU’s launch.

Intel lays out Itanium road to 32 nm

There isn’t much we have heard about Intel’s flagship processor for datacenter processors lately: But Itanium is alive and Intel has just updated its roadmap – ranging from the upcoming Montvale processor, to Tukwila, the first 32 nm design Poulson and its successor Kittson.

I/O Magic announces 250 GB portable hard drive

Quickly moving high capacity from the desktop to the portable market, I/O is bringing a 250 GB model to its "Data To Go" line of small form factor hard drives later this month.

Gigabyte cuts into PSU market

Renesas announces low-cost 45nm and below technology for transistors

AMD set to launch PCIe 2.0 chipsets this year

Nvidia announces the new GeForce GPU for notebooks

AMD to launch 7 series chipsets in H2 07

Motherboard makers pessimistic about Turbo Memory in desktop

IBM patents external DRAM box

IBM has been granted a patent to a technology, which could allow users to expand system memory via an external box.

Intel retires all but one entry-level Netburst processors

Intel has begun phasing out four Celeron D desktop processors based on the 65 nm Cedar Mill core.