Intel dominates Top 500 supercomputer ranking

The 29th list of the world’s 500 fastest supercomputers was released today, showing dramatic performance increases throughout. Intel processors are now installed in more than half of all supercomputers officially reported for the ranking.

IBM unveils BlueGene/P supercomputer to break Petaflop barrier

IBM today announced the second generation of its BlueGene supercomputer technology. The system will scale to a performance of 3 PFlops, which more than 10 times the performance than today’s fastest supercomputer in operation.

Sun to challenge IBM with new “Constellation” supercomputer

Sun has announced a new supercomputer system that promises to leapfrog mere teraflops.

Nvidia MCP 73 chipset launch remains unclear

AMD Radeon HD 2400-, HD 2600-based cards to hit the market on June 28

Lite-On IT to begin production of BD Combo drives in 4Q 07

Follow-up: Has Intel found the key to unlock supercomputing powers on the desktop?

Opinion – Last week we posted an article entitled “Analysis: Has Intel found the key to unlock supercomputing powers on the desktop?” in which I discussed several facets of a potential Intel technology without going into too many of the technical details. At the time of our posting, Intel had not yet publicly released the paper describing the technology, which prevented me from going into certain details.

Roadmap update: Intel aims to release first 45 nm CPU in 2007

Intel already confirmed that 45 nm processors will be in mass-production by the end of the year, but there have been questions about the actual announcement and availability of these new Penryn core-based processors.

Seagate announces 1 TB hard drives

Following Hitachi and Samsung, Seagate now has announced 1 TB desktop hard drives as well.

Single-core Athlons to be phased out

Hynix preps for 57nm NAND flash production in 3Q

Strong NAND flash card demand comes with pressure to reduce packaging prices

Samsung starts mass producing 64 GB 1.8 inch SSDs

Seoul (South Korea) - Samsung announced today that it has begun mass producing 1.8 inch solid state drives (SSDs) with 64 GB. See solid state drives and more from CES ... Samsung says it's the highest density SSD for mobile computing applications.  SSD drives use technology that helps to improve boot up times and conserve battery life.

Intel to launch new entry-level processors in August and October

AMD to introduce 45 nm process AM3 CPU family in 2H08

Biostar announces AM2+ motherboard

AMD Phenom to launch in November

Dell and Goodwill offer free computer recycling in New Jersey, Philadelphia

Update: New start-up shows off ultra definition technology

At this week's InfoComm audio/video trade show at Anaheim, a new company called Mersive debuted a new technology that it's calling "ultra definition".

OCZ announces enthusiast DDR3 memory

Sunnyvale (CA) – OCZ introduced a new enthusiast memory module for use in Intel P35 and upcoming X38 motherboards.