CD-R, DVD+R/-R disc makers expected to have growing orders in Q3 07, but face increased costs

Intel launches first mobile Core 2 Extreme, 3 GHz quad-core and FSB1333 CPUs

Intel introduced six new Core 2 Duo variants, bringing the total for notebooks and desktop PCs to 29 different models: The Core 2 Extreme X7800 is the new flagship of the mobile CPU portfolio, new 2.66 GHz and 3 GHz quad-core desktop processors as well FSB 1333 dual-core chips extend the mainstream product line. Price cuts ring in a new round in the price war with AMD.

SiS to launch new AMD-based chipsets

Intel phases out all remaining Netburst Xeon DP processors

Intel has sent all four remaining Xeon DP processors with the 65 nm Dempsey core into its product discontinuance program.

Kingston unveils “ultra” low latency DDR3 memory

Albatron announces Blu-ray decoder card

Albatron has announced a graphics card whose primary focus is to enable Blu-ray movie playback on a PC.  

Logitech unveils remote control-style mouse

Fremont (CA) – Logitech today announced its MX Air mouse, a stylish new mouse that has the shape of a common mouse, but works “in air” as well and is used just like a remote control.      

Picture brightens for large-size LCD panels, says iSuppli

SiS 680-series chipsets aim for Q4 07

Transmeta gets a much needed cash infusion from AMD

Transmeta gets some financial breathing room thanks to a $7.5 million investment from AMD, which boosted the company’s stock by more than 30% today.

AMD feels “confident” about Barcelona performance estimates

Chicago (IL) – Two Barcelona benchmark charts published on AMD’s website caused quite a stir yesterday: Intel wasn’t happy about outdated performance numbers causing AMD to remove the charts.  

Intel begins shipping entry-level P31 and G31 chipsets to motherboard makers

Intel phasing out Dempsey and Paxville MP server processors

AMD posts Barcelona benchmark numbers

Chicago (IL) – AMD has posted performance “estimates” of its upcoming Barcelona quad-core processor on its website.  

Apple patent goes for a "button-less" mouse

Cupertino (CA) - Apple has filed a patent application for a mouse that, instead of using buttons, has an optical sensing surface. The patent describes the technology as a "mouse having a button-less panning and scrolling switch."  The controls are recognized via a built-in camera that senses light from inside the mouse, and can recognize where the user's fingers are by the displacement of light.

Intel may stop pushing FB-DIMM for server

AMD M740 chipset coming in Q3 07, M780 chipset in Q1 08

Flytech to begin shipments of panel PCs to US

Aircable brings out Bluetooth dongle with 18+ mile range

Bluetooth specialist Wireless Cables Inc (WCI) has announced its latest innovation, a USB Bluetooth dongle with a range extending nearly 19 miles.

iPhone and new iPods to squeeze flash memory market