Caneland & Tigerton: Intel preps for battle against AMD’s 4P Opteron

Hillsboro (OR) – Intel today disclosed more details about its final Core microprocessor product – the Tigerton processor: The CPU will go head to head with AMD’s 4P+ Opteron processors, which have dominated the MP processor segment for more than 2 years.

Logitech intros wireless notebook mouse

Western Digital announces Green terabyte hard drives

Hard drives are among the most power hungry components in your PC. We have see several new ideas to cut power consumption of the devices with new technologies such as hybrid hard drives, but Western Digital claims that it has found a way to make its upcoming 1 TB hard drive use 40% less power than competing products.

Quad-cores for all – Intel’s price cut

Intel’s not-so-secret price cut has been officially announced.

AMD to launch X2 6400+ desktop processor

Nvidia schedules three MCP 78-based chipsets for November

LG to launch HD DVD plus BD hybrid drive in Q3, say Taiwan makers

Nearly 100% of 10-inch-and-smaller LCD panels using LED backlight

iPod and iPhone causing flash memory shortage – report

Brisk sales of Apple’s iPhone and iPod are fueling a worldwide shortage in flash memory chips according to a new report issued by DRAMeXchange.

Intel prices its first 45nm processor at $999, to hit the market in Q4

Samsung 50nm 1Gb DDR2 gains Intel validation

OCZ introduces 1800 MHz DDR3 modules

Sunnyvale (CA) – OCZ Technology has introduced one of the fastest DDR3 memory modules on the market.  It’s new PC3-14400 Platinum edition runs at 1800 MHz and promises to have “ample overclocking capability”, according to OCZ.

Kanguru hops out with environmentally friendly external hard drives

Millis (MA) - Kanguru announced today that it has released its new line of Eco Drive external hard drives, calling them the most environmentally friendly option available.The Eco Drive has a tiered system of power reduction.  After three seconds of inactivity, it goes into "idle mode", which takes the operating level down to 80%.  After three minutes, it automatically moves into "standby mode", in which the drive only operates at around 10% - 20% of normal consumption.

ASML ships volume production system for semiconductors as small as 36.5 nm

Intel to shrink Penryn for SFF

Intel preps DP server boards for 45 nm arrival

OCZ announces 1600 MHz DDR3 enthusiast memory

Intel to debut 45 nm Harpertown quad-core CPU with up to 3.16 GHz

Some technical specifications about Intel’s upcoming 45 nm Xeon DP processor generation have reached the web. According to a partial slide posted by VR-Zone, the new quad-core CPU will be available with up to 3.16 GHz.

Intel to continue selling E2140 CPUs

Apple looks at illuminated touchpad in new patent

Mclean (VA) - A recently filed Apple patent describes a new kind of touchpad that lights up to in response to normal activity. In the patent, Apple says it might be "desirable to provide visual stimuli at the touch pad so that a user can better operate the touch pad."  For example, the patent talks about the touchpad illuminating when it is touched, and light paths could follow the movement of touch.