Ramsan’s 2 TB rack of flash memory

San Diego (CA) – Need a few terabytes of really fast storage?  Texas Memory Systems will be able to solve that need in a few months with their upcoming RAMSAN-500 box that can hold up to 2 TB of Flash memory along with a maximum of 64 GB of DDR2 memory.

DriveSavers dispels common hard drive recovery myths

Freezing or hitting failed hard drives doesn't work and can actually increase the damage, according to DriveSavers representatives.

TG Daily Special: Virtualization Explored

Virtualization stands at the threshold of changing the way we think about computing. We are headed into uncharted waters where computers are opening up a whole new world of opportunities, enabled by faster CPUs that integrate more and more cores. Join us for a three-part article in which we look at what virtualization is, how it applies and where it's headed.  

Fujitsu marching towards terabyte hard drives for notebooks

Fujitsu announced that it has developed a basic read/write capability of ideally ordered alumina nanoholes on a 2.5” magnetic disk on the way to achieve a recording density of 1 Tb per square inch.

ECS announces entry-level motherboard with Core 2 Quad support

AMD to launch Barcelona quad-core on September 10

Chicago (IL) – AMD today sent out emails inviting analysts, media and industry representatives to what the company calls "the most anticipated premiere of 2007".   In Pictures: Barcelona - Architecture details ...  

Toshiba announces new white LEDs

Update 2: Steve Jobs unveils new, glossy iMac design

During a press briefing at Apple's corporate campus, Steve Jobs lifted the curtain on the company's new mold for its desktop computer line.>> In Pictures: Apple releases new iMac 

AMD announces new workstation graphics cards

Intel to push two new technologies with X38 chipset

Ritek obtains certification for 2x HD DVD-R discs

Sun announces 64-thread processor UltraSparc T2

Sun today announced the UltraSparc T2, previously code-named Niagara 2, successor of the UltraSparc T1. Sun claims that the CPU will be the "world's highest performing microprocessor" that can run an operating system on each of its 64 supported threads.

AMD increases Opteron clock-speed to 3.2 GHz

AMD has introduced two new Opteron processors with higher clock speeds and has dropped the power consumption of the preceding flagship models with 3.0 GHz.

TSMC reportedly to make only GPU part of AMD Fusion

Pioneer introduces new Blu-ray Disc burner

Long Beach (CA) - Pioneer has announced a new Blu-ray Disc PC drive that can burn BD-R as well as rewritable BD-RE media. The second generation BDR-202 drive from Pioneer has limited equalizer LSI and a liquid crystal tilt compensator, which help in playback and data reading of discs.  Additionally, it incorporates ultra DRA technology, designed to reduce the vibrations when burning a disc, according to CDR Info.

Mercury releases supercomputer SDK for PS3

If you are planning to do a lot more with the Playstation 3 than playing games, then here is an opportunity to use the console as a high-performance computing platform.

ECS announces three new motherboards with 1333MHz FSB support

Systemax launches PC using VIA energy-efficient board and processor in US

Imation announces 8 cm Blu-ray recordable media

Just in time for the release of the first Blu-ray camcorders, Imation announced 8 cm BD-R (recordable) and BD-RE (re-recordable). To be sold under the TDK brand, the discs offer 7.5 GB storage space, which is enough for about 60 minutes of 1080i video. The BD-R version carries a suggested retail price of $25, while BD-RE will be priced at $35. Both versions are expected to hit store shelves sometime in September or October.

AMD says no recall needed for defective graphics cards