Intel Clovertowns step up, reduce power

Intel announced today their quad-core Clovertown server CPUs will receive a new stepping from B3 to G0, which brings some new abilities including lower power consumption.

Toshiba announces 160 GB 1.8" CE-ATA hard drive

Coinciding with the release of a 160 GB iPod, Toshiba today announced a 160 GB 1.8" hard drive, which will be available with a CE-ATA interface later this year.

Intel announces Tigerton Xeon MP processor

Santa Clara (CA) – Five days ahead of the launch of AMD's Barcelona processor, Intel today announced its 65 nm Xeon 7300/7200 series, the latest and final product based on the company's Core microarchitecture.

Asustek to launch second-generation $200 PC in April 2008

Intel: Caneland turning AMD's server momentum around

Intel is gearing up to launch its Xeon 7300 processor, the last piece of its Core micro-architecture strategy. It's a critical product that is designed to attack AMD in a market that is still dominated by the green team. But Intel believes that is going to change.

Late cellphone use cuts into teenagers' sleep time

A new study published by the Leuven School for Mass Communication Research at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium indicates that cellphone users after "bedtime" may have long-term effects on sleep time.

Lacie intros 4 TB 4-disk RAID

Opera speeds up its browser

Opera today released an alpha version of its Kestrel browser, officially named Opera 9.5. Besides a few new features, the new browser renders webpages substantially faster than than preceding version.

Background: Inside Intel's Tera-scale project

Santa Clara (CA) - Last week, Intel released eight technical papers providing details about its Tera-scale project. TG Daily had an opportunity to discuss the technology with Jerry Bautista, director of technology management at Intel. Could Tera-scale become the x86 killer?

Panasonic's 16 GB SDHC will have a lofty price tag

Sandisk to offer SSD for sub-$250 PC

Berlin (Germany) – Sandisk said that it will be offering NAND flash-based solid state disk (SSD) drives for the low-cost PC market.  

Background: SSE5 to give AMD faster compute abilities

Santa Clara (CA) - In a world dominated by multi-thread desires, and often single-thread limitations, hardware advancements can make the biggest difference in performance. AMD has released a new extension for x86 hoping to address at least part of that. Dubbed SSE5, this newest generation adds power to the x86 by introducing not only a whole new instruction class, but also powerful multiply-accumulate instructions as well.  Both of these advancements should deliver notable savings in compute time.  SSE history

JVC announces first rewritable DL DVD disc

JVC today said that it has developed the first single-sided dual layer DVD-RW disc.

Intel 2-way servers to get 45 nm boost in Q4

Nvidia G92 graphics chip to launch in November

S3 to volume produce new graphics chips by year-end

AMD talks plans for server, desktop and notebooks

Asustek and Gigabyte to be first to launch AMD RD790 mobos in September

Scientists pack terabytes onto DVDs

Jerusalem (Israel) - A company called Mempile has developed a prototype storage device which uses a DVD-like disc capable of eventually storing up to 1 Terabyte worth of data in a semi-transparent disc.  It has 200 physical layers of about 5GB each on this disc.  That's enough to store more than 250,000 MP3s, 115 full-length DVD movies, or 40 full-length HD movies on each disc.  Researchers believe the technology will yield multi-TB discs that could fit in your coat pocket.  

Intel promises enhanced trusted computing in virtualization with vPro

Intel announced today an extended platform technology which has the potential to make computer viruses and successful hacker attacks in virtualized environments a thing of the past.