Acer launches new widescreen LCD monitor series

DRAM production at 70 nm

ClearSpeed's massive FPUs will soon head into space

Bristol (UK) - On September 4, 2007, ClearSpeed Technology and BAE Systems jointly announced a licensing agreement which allows BAE to take ClearSpeed's silicon IP and implement it directly in proprietary hardware applications for use in space.  Communications satellites and remote image processing engines could see a tremendous power-saving benefits from its massively parallel 64-bit FPU abilities.  

Generic CPU power efficiency claims are pointless, almost

Opinion - What do the power claims really mean? Is it just the power of illusion pulled over your eyes?

Samsung accelerates DDR2 memory, increases density

Samsung today said that it will begin mass-producing 60 nm DDR2 memory chips by the end of the year, which will result in memory modules that offer more capacity, speed and power efficiency.

Lenovo launches 45-watt PC

Research Triangle Park (NC) – Lenovo unveiled a new ultra small form factor (USFF) PC, which the company claims will consume only 45 watts of power.      

HP to launch PCs supporting BD/HD DVD dual-format burners

Toshiba introduces new DLP projector with "extreme short projection"

Nvidia to end Designed by Nvidia motherboard standardization scheme

Logitech intros notebook PC speakers, USB hub combo

Fremont (CA) - Logitech today introduced a 2.1 speaker system for notebook computers that also incorporates a three-in-one USB hub. Logitech's AudioHub system is comprised of a three-chamber speaker set with integrated subwoofer for surround sound playback of digital audio. Additionally, it contains three high-speed USB ports, powered by one USB output that plugs into the computer.  The system is designed to fit behind a notebook PC.  There is room under the base speaker to house USB cables.

AMD's Barcelona introduction: A celebration without fireworks

Opinion – AMD officially pulled back the curtain on its Opteron quad-core processor with an event held at the San Francisco's Letterman Digital Arts Center, home to Star Wars creator George Lucas. But the "most anticipated premiere of 2007" turned out to be a mostly lifeless feel-good event for AMD and some of its closest partners, leaving us somewhat confused and wondering: Did AMD deliver?  

TG Daily Coverage: AMD's Barcelona launch event

On September 10, AMD held its biggest ever launch event for Barcelona at The Presidio in San Francisco at 6:30pm PDT. On hand for the 1.5 hour event were several top executives and partners to AMD, all lending support for their native-quad core Opteron. Here is a brief summary of the event.

AMD is all in

Opinion - AMD's actions in recent quarters reveal a trend we can only describe as: all in. It's a poker term meaning AMD bet it all on Barcelona. But is Barcelona enough? Can AMD make it with this product as their flagship?

Dell, Alienware offer expensive 64 GB SSD

Samsung has begun shipping 64 GB SATA drive in a 2.5" form factor. The NAND flash-based hard drives are expected to become available as storage options for Dell and Alienware consumer notebooks.

UPDATE: AMD's website paints Barcelona performance pictures not seen in the real world

AMD's website has posted some benchmark numbers for Barcelona. Does the picture they paint stand up to what the real-world is seeing?

AMD to upgrade Radeon HD 2400 and 2600 chips in January 2008

UPDATE: AMD announces Barcelona quad-core processor

Sunnyvale (CA) – AMD today announced what the company calls the "most advanced x86 processor) as well as the first "native quad-core processor". Code-named Barcelona, the quad-core Opteron will be shipping in server systems this month. The core technology of the new CPU will also surface in AMD's Phenom processor for desktop systems in December.

Intel already phasing out first quad-core CPU

Santa Clara (CA) - Intel issued marching orders today that several Core Solo, Core Duo, Celeron and one Core 2 Quad chip will be discontinued shortly.  As Intel prepares the upcoming 45nm, these older processors will no longer be available for order after the dates shown below.  Only remaining inventory supplies will be sold.  

Abit to release X38-based enthusiast motherboard

Scientists draw semiconductor circuits with super-fine ink-jet printers

Urbana (IL) - Scientists at the University of Illinois have developed a new type of ink-jet printer capable of drawing 700 nm lines and 250 nm dots on circuit boards.  They've demonstrated the ability to reliably print circuit patterns which work, thereby ushering in a whole new generation of fast-cycle tools.