Intel planning quad-core notebook CPUs for Q3 08

IDF Day 1: Penryn showcased, Nehalem revealed

San Francisco (CA) – Day 1 of the Fall Intel Developer Forum 2007 has come to an end and we are digesting the news and information we have received so far. TG Daily's Rick Hodgin sums up his impressions about the key products at the show, Penryn and Nehalem.

IDF: Gelsinger demos DP Nehalem server

Gordon Moore says Moore's Law will hit "fundamental" barrier in 10 to 15 years

San Francisco (CA) – Casual conversations with IT industry icons have become more popular recently. Following similar events that, for example involved a moderated discussion with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Intel put the company's co-founder Gordon Moore on stage today to answer questions from Moira Gunn, host of “Tech Nation” and “BioTech Nation” on National Public Radio, and the audience.  

UPDATE: Intel to launch Penryn on Nov. 12

San Francisco (CA) - Intel has opened its Fall IDF in San Francisco with a fireworks of initial announcements. The first 45 nm processors get a release date with a total of 15 such CPUs to be launched by year-end. Penryn's successor Nehalem will debut with the integrated memory controller "QuickPath" and 32 nm silicon has surfaced.   

Oki launches wide-format desktop color LED printer

Lexar announces Crucial Ballistix DDR3 memory

VIA launches new Mini-ITX board for IPC market

AMD confirms triple-core desktop CPU

Sunnyvale (CA) – In an effort to regain a competitive edge over Intel, AMD today said that it has added a triple-core version of the upcoming Phenom processor to its roadmap.

Intel to outline plans to transfer top-notch technologies into mainstream products

Toshiba 51 GB triple-layer HD DVD standard not final version

Leadtek launches new webcams

AMD unveils Phenom logo

Sunnyvale (CA) – Following on the heels of the introduction of the quad-core Opteron processor "Barcelona", AMD has released the logo of the Phenom quad- and dual-core processor.  

UBS thinks AMD needs perfect execution

Intel to deliver X38 chipsets in mid-September and probably X48 parts by year-end - sources

NEC LCD Technologies rolls out new LCD module with white LED backlighting

Desktop Factory begins taking orders for 3D printer

Pasadena (CA) - Desktop Factory is inching closer to the release of its first consumer 3D printer, announcing today that customers can place pre-orders for the $5000 device. It kind of sounds like something from a Ray Bradbury novel.  Create a three-dimensional figure in the form of a specific image format, and the 125ci printer will create a physical representation of the model before your eyes.

SxS flash memory cards for camcorders don't come cheap

Milpitas (CA) – Flash memory cards, based on ExpressCard technology, and commonly referred to as SxS cards, are making their way into the market. Expect to shell out a hefty premium for the privilege of using one of those new cards.  

The AMD Barcelona back story

Analyst Opinion – We have covered the launch of AMD's quad-core Opteron CPU extensively and talked about the good and the bad of the product introduction. What we haven't talked about are AMD's increasingly important relationships to its partners – which were highlighted during the launch event. Rob Enderle takes a look at this side of the story.

Nvidia announces lower level Quadro FX-based graphics cards