x86 gunning for ARM market share in mobile spaces

Touch screen devices the trend in future tech

Opinion - Indianapolis (IN) - When Steve Jobs wrapped up the iPhone pre-product announcement on January 9 at MacWorld, 2007 with this comment: "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it's been," he may have been speaking more truth than he realized.  Since then, several upcoming portable touch screen devices have been seen on product roadmaps, including a very similar looking product from Intel at IDF 2007 called Moorestown.  

Itanium notably absent from IDF 2007

San Francisco (CA) - One notable facet of Intel technology was markedly absent from Intel's most recent IDF:  Itanium.  This reality has forced more than one journalist to ask the question:  Is Itanium a dying dog?      

ATI Radeon HD 2900 Pro 1 GB released

AMD launches second "Black Edition" processor

Sunnyvale (CA) – Following the Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition flagship processor, AMD has introduced a 5000+ mainstream version.    

Nvidia targets Intel with new integrated graphics chipsets

Santa Clara (CA) - Nvidia released a new GeForce Motherboard GPU (mGPU) designed for integrated solutions on Intel-based PCs.  As other 7-Series GeForce products, these mGPUs promise to bring higher-end graphics capability and function directly onto the motherboard while providing a wider driver base compatibility.    

Seagate planning to release a hybrid hard drive

One laptop per child project opens up on November 12

Starting November, North American residents will be able to purchase an XO laptop for $400, sending another machine to a child in an impoverished country.

Nvidia aims at Intel with integrated graphics chip

Toshiba to roll out microprocessor based on Cell

Tokyo (Japan) – Toshiba has been somewhat quiet about its involvement in the development and marketing of the Cell processor, the heart of the Playstation 3. Now we know what Toshiba is up to: The company will introduce a stream processor that will go head to head with AMD and Intel in various consumer market segments.    

GeCube launches new graphics card based on Radeon HD 2900PRO

Skulltrail shows off some 45nm Penryn prowess

San Francisco (CA) - At each IDF there some kind of "secret room" where journalists get to preview new devices or functioning computer systems that Intel wants the world to know about.  They are not put on the public display, but rather somewhere "in the back" you can get the low-down.  A machine demonstrated during Paul Otellini's keynote on Tuesday was shown, though with a little more attitude.   Skulltrail

Traveling Terabyte - The ultimate digital care package for overseas Marines

A New Jersey network engineer is on a mission to send some love and care – of the digital kind – to Americans stationed overseas.

Intel's goal for Penryn: "Ramp and win as fast as possible"

TG Daily had the chance to sit down with Mr. Banias himself, Mooly Eden, for a face-to-face interview at IDF 2007. And Eden took the opportunity to explain why he believes that Intel has the edge right now – and why he believes Intel will keep it. Of course, that brought AMD into the discussion as well and Eden wasn't shy commenting on AMD's outlook.

North American semiconductor equipment industry posts August book-to-bill ratio of 0.83

A-Data: Nothing good about DRAM and NAND flash in 4Q

IDF: Tera-Scale project and petascale challenges

Opinion - As you walk along the three levels of West Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, you’ll eventually come across five areas Intel has provided at IDF 2007 which relate directly to the Tera-Scale Project. Some of these are showcase research efforts where the public could physically go and speak to the engineers working on this technology. And one of them showed the actual Tera-Scale machine in full swing.

Larrabee is Intel’s entry into discrete graphics

AMD adds more Athlon 64 processors to embedded lineup

Lenovo introduces two new PCs and 22" monitor